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Butterfly Valve

Simulation and analysis of fluid flow on Butterfly Valve

Simulation and analysis of fluid flow on Butterfly Valve

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to perform a coupled fluid-structure analysis of butterfly valve in a pipe using Ansys AIM. The simulation represents the ease of setting up and solving a coupled, multiphysics analysis.


In this tutorial you will learn how to  :

  • Launch Ansys AIM
  • Import the geometry
  • Create a computational mesh
  • Set up the simulation which includes setting the material properties and boundary conditions
  • Calculate the solution
  • Examine the results



Problem Description

This tutorial assumes that you have limited experience with ANSYS AIM. The goals are to demonstrate the ability of ANSYS AIM to import a CAD model, perform a fluid-structure analysis, and evaluate design changes using the Workbench Parameter Manager.


You will import a CAD model of a butterfly valve in a pipe with a reed flow sensor.

To simplify the steps required for the tutorial, the full geometry was simplified. The fluid volume was extracted from the solid geometry, and the components not required for the simulation were suppressed in SpaceClaim.

In this tutorial, we will then mesh the geometry, define materials, and solve a fluid-structure analysis. We will then use the Parameter Manager to evaluate how changing the angle of the valve will affect the flow and displacement.


There is a reed on the pipe which is not required for the flow simulation. So we will be suppressing this.



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