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Solidification Simulation Using ANSYS Fluent

Solidification Simulation using ANSYS Fluent

Introduction (solidification simulation)

In this section, we aim to study a solidification problem using ANSYS Fluent. Also, you will learn the simulation procedure. To do this, first, we define a solidification problem. Then, we specify pull velocities to simulate continuous casting. Finally, we define surface tension gradient for Marangoni convection and solve the problem.

Description of the solidification problem

The current solidification problem involves fluid flow and heat transfer. The process name is Czochralski growth. The geometry is a 2D axisymmetric bowl which contains liquid metal. The liquid becomes solid because of heat transfer from the top.  For the simulation, consider a mesh and check it in terms of size and quality. Then, specify the materials. Enable energy equation and the gravity. Next, Set up the transient solver to solve the fluid flow, natural and Marangoni convection.

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