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Surface Chemistry

Surface Chemistry Simulation in ANSYS Fluent

Introduction (surface chemistry)

here, we investigate surface chemistry. Reacting flows involve fluid flow and chemical reactions at the same time. In the laminar flow with chemical reactions modeling and investigation of heat transfer, mass transfer and chemical reactions involving surface reaction are very important. This section aims to teach modeling of gas-solid reactions that occur at the interface. These simulations are very complex and include phenomena such as gas-phase species adsorption on the surface, chemical reactions on the surface and desorption of gasses on the surface.

Steps in the simulation of surface chemistry

We simulate a rotating disk CVD reactor for the growth of Gallium Arsenide. First, you must add new material and set mixing properties. Then, model surface reactions including site species. Also, enable physical models and define boundary conditions for laminar reacting flow, including reactions the walls. Finally, use the Pressure-Based solver to run the solutions and examine the results using the graphics.

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