We are a group of engineers working in the industry. We mainly work on filtration units in oil and gas lines. Due to numerous projects that we deal in a month, sometimes we cannot finish all of the mentioned projects on their due time. Therefore, we decide to assign these projects to other related companies. Mr-CFD is one of these prominent companies that we work with. We trust Mr-CFD for their reliability and that the assigned project will always be ready to be delivered to us in the shortest time.


I bought a product from Mr-CFD’s CFD shop. Everything inside the tutorial video was complete. However, I wanted to extract a subsidiary result that wasn’t pointed out inside the tutorial video. All I had to do was send a request, and a few hours later, Mr-CFD responded and asked me for an appropriate time to connect to my pc for online support.


Your CFD shop is so perfect! It is a rich source for those who want to know and learn more about Fluent software and computational fluid dynamics. It’s got a wide variety of projects that could be used to guide or benchmark other related projects. It even contains free products, and they all come with a comprehensive tutorial.


CFD training packages are so comprehensive, and every single point is explained in detail within them. Also, their prices are incredible comparing to other similar projects. You can purchase a package that you haven’t work with its related module ever before, and it will open a whole new dimension in front of you. Not to mention the post-technical support. You can ask them any question about the purchased product without charge!


Tutorials prepared by Mr-CFD are flawless. You may find thousands of videos on YouTube teaching and doing different projects in Fluent. But they all lack something: consistency and troubleshooting step. You can never find a single source or a single YouTube channel that teaches you everything you want to know in Fluent. However, on the Mr-CFD website, you’ll get step-by-step online training for any project you ask for.

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