Thermal Model of Head Lamp using DO Radiation Model by Ansys Fluent

Thermal Model of Head Lamp using DO Radiation Model in Ansys Fluent

The discrete ordinates (DO) radiation model solves the radiative transfer equation (RTE) for a finite number of discrete solid angles, each associated with a vector direction fixed in the global Cartesian system ( x,y,z). The fineness of the angular discretization is controlled by you, analogous to choosing the number of rays for the DTRM. Unlike the DTRM, however, the DO model does not perform ray tracing. Instead, the DO model transforms equation for radiation intensity in the spatial coordinates ( x,y,z). The DO model solves for as many transport equations as there are directions. The solution method is identical to that used for the fluid flow and energy equations.

This tutorial illustrates the set up and solution of flow and thermal model of an automotive head lamp. The discrete ordinates (DO) radiation model is used to model the radiation. The shell conduction capability of ANSYS FLUENT can be used to model conduction in thin sheets, such as reactor, housing, and shield without having to mesh.

You will also learn how to do the following through this tutorial:

  • Read an existing mesh file into Ansys Fluent
  • Set up the DO radiation model
  • Set up material properties and boundary conditions
  • Solve for the energy and the flow equation
  • Initialize and obtain solution
  • Postprocess the resulting data

Problem Description

The geometry of forty watts of electric power headlamp is shown below. Heat is transferred from the filament in form of radiation and natural convection. Some of the radiation emitted by the filament is transmitted through the bulb, while some is reflected and some is absorbed.

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