Turbomachine Pre-processing And Post-processing Using ANSYS CFX

Turbomachine Pre-Processing and Post-Processing using ANSYS CFX

Introduction (turbomachine pre-processing and post-processing)

In this section, we investigate turbomachine pre-processing and post-processing. One of the most common practical engineering applications of fluid mechanics is the design of turbomachines. Turbomachines are the hearts of industries. Some types of turbomachines add energy to the fluids like pumps and compressors while others extract energy from fluids, like turbines. The workshop aims to show you how to easily use CFX software for the simulation of turbomachines. Also, you will learn to use CFX-Pre and CFD-post turbomachinery mode.

Turbomachine simulation in CFX

The workshop simulates a central fan. This model includes a single rotating domain for the blade and stationary domains for the blade upstream and downstream. The fan also contains ten blades.  Owing to rotational periodicity we model only a single blade passage. We use Frozen Rotor interface to connect the stationary and rotational domain.

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