Turbulent Flow in a Compact Heat Exchanger in Ansys Fluent

Turbulent Flow in a Compact Heat Exchanger in Ansys Fluent

Compact heat exchangers are used in a great variety of applications. They allow for an increased heat transfer rate, require less volume and weigh less compared to other heat exchanger types. The disadvantage is the higher pressure drop. They are clearly the preferred choice for applications which require a high heat transfer rate in a limited volume such as air conditioning devices, heat pumps, automotive radiators, etc. In these applications, the main thermal resistance is located on the airside. To improve the heat transfer rate different strategies are used such as the addition of fins at the airside (e.g. plain fins, louvered fins, slit fins, offset strip fins, …), the use of vortex generators or the application of novel materials (e.g. metal foams, polymer heat exchangers, …).

The purpose of this tutorial is to evaluate the pressure drop and heat transfer characteristics for liquid ammonia flowing through the specified interrupted fin heat exchanger at a given mass flux.

Problem Description

A sketch of the geometry, with dimensions in mm, is shown in below. Symmetry boundary conditions have been applied at the top and bottom planes.


Results are also shown in pictures below as pressure, velocity, and temperature contours.

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