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Tutorial of drawing geometry by SpaceClaim software

drawing geometry by SpaceClaim software

The SpaceClaim software is one the geometry modeling software that the ANSYS company added this geometry modeling software to the new versions of ANSYS software and Workbench module. hence, you can use a newer modeling software rather than the ANSYS Design modeler software. this software possibles the easier and more attractive geometry modeling for their users. The users can choose the type of geometry modeling software from Workbench module and select ANSYS Design modeler software or the SpaceClaim software.

Here, a training video clip about the SpaceClaim software has been provided for you, our dear users.

In this training file, the training of the way of drawing different geometries such as circle, rectangle and etc. and their related settings and also the training of the way of drawing the symmetric geometries have been done completely. It has also presented the method of the Cartesian coordinate system setting and method of set sizing of the geometry.

The method of offsetting the geometry and trim or modify it, moving a part of the geometry, and change the geometry from 2D into 3D are also some parts of this training.

The steps of the training are as follows:

  •  different geometries such as a circle, rectangle and etc. and their related settings.
  • drawing the symmetric geometries.
  • Cartesian coordinate setting system.
  • sizing of the geometry such as the size of the lines, circle diameter and etc.
  • offsetting the geometry.
  • trim or modify the geometry.
  • resizing of different parts of the geometry.

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