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Two Stroke Engine Scavenging Modeling ANSYS Fluent

Two Stroke Engine Scavenging Modeling ANSYS Fluent

Simulation of Scavenging Process in a Two-Stroke Engine

In this tutorial, we provide guidelines for modeling and simulation of the scavenging process of a two-stroke engine. Simulating combustion is not necessary when we study scavenging. This is due to the fact that the scavenging performance is not very sensitive to the initial conditions.

You will also learn how to do the following through this tutorial:

  • Using dynamic mesh motion for two-stroke engine
  • Employ the species transport model
  • Also, calculating scavenging efficiency/ratio using user-defined function (UDF)

Introduction to the Scavenging Process

Scavenging is a combination of the intake and exhaust processes. Clearing the cylinder of burned gases and filling it with a fresh mixture (or air) is called scavenging. Simulation of scavenging process is of great importance in two-stroke engines because:

First, too much of this process results in the fresh charge to go directly to exhaust (short- circuit). Therefore, the engine generates excessive pollutants and wastage of fuel occurs.

Second, too little of this process can cause excessive exhaust gases in the cylinder, and this consequently reduces the amount of fresh charge delivered to the cylinder. As a result, the engine power decreases.

Problem Description of Scavenging Process in a Two-Stroke Engine

We start our simulation after the completion of combustion and before the opening of the exhaust port (typically 40 to 70 degree crank angle (CA) after top dead center (TDC)). Also, our simulation ends immediately after the exhaust port is closed (EPC).

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