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Wave Generation Simulation In The Tank Using Fluent

Wave Generation CFD Simulation in a tank using Fluent

Introduction(wave generation)

The goal of this project is to investigate and perform the simulation of wave generation in a tank, while the tank wall has oscillatory motion. Moreover, the fluid flow is laminar and two-dimensional. As a result of oscillatory motion, we can produce waves in the tank. In this problem, part of the tank is filled with liquid and connected to the outside air. Also, by applying the appropriate frequency and amplitude we can create mild waves. Here, one of the walls of the tank moves back and forth with a sinusoidal motion.

Steps for the simulation of wave generation in a tank

The tank is rectangular and the left wall has oscillatory motion. the top of the tank is open to atmosphere; therefore, the pressure at the top is atmospheric. First, consider a mesh that has already been implemented in Fluent, and investigate it in terms of size and quality. Next, Add the new material from the material list. Finally, set up the Fluent to solve multiphase flow. Here, we use VOF model to simulate the interface between air and water which result in the wave motion. Then, using Dynamic Mesh Model and the Execute Commands Panel, you can create a profile.

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