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This company has started its activity since 2008. After over a decade of boarding, we’ve been able to make about 2,000 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) projects. All completed projects are fully reviewed and validated with all validation criteria.
The projects carried out by this company cover a wide range related to many engineering field. Due to the extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering as well as the development of computational fluid dynamics in various fields, this company has tried to provide its project services in many of the world’s most prominent fields, as far as possible, relying on the efforts of specialists working in this complex. These services include consulting, training, and performing a simulation project with Fluent, also provides simulation and validation of projects in a very high quality (affordable and quick) for students.
The projects carried out in this company include a variety of fields, simulation of multiphase flows by Eulerian, Mixture, and VOF methods, aerodynamic simulation and fluid flow around moving objects including compressible and incompressible regimes, Simulation of combustion by pre-mixed and non-premixed models, simulation of different types of mass transfer-evaporation-melting-freezing-cavitation, and etc., simulation of discrete-phase flow injection, investigation and simulation of internal flows within canals, Pipes and tubes, micro-canals and nanotubes, simulation and analysis of various projects related to the field of heat transfer and so on.
Our company provides services in all fields of engineering. In addition to the mechanical engineering, it encompasses the fields such as aerospace engineering, civil engineering, chemistry, oil, medicine, mining, and a number of non-engineering fields such as geology, physics, and so on.
The support service of this company is at the highest level for the projects performed and also all of our customers has been satisfied after the project delivered to them. Educational files delivered to customers have day-to-day support and consultation at the next stages. This feature is one of the strengths of the company which makes the company unique in this field.


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Why You Should Choose Mr-CFD

Supporting the project completely

Our goal is to support you throughout the project steps. You can ask all of your questions and request any kind of advice related to the project online. We will answer you as soon as possible.

The first online CFD store

We proudly announce that we are the first CFD store that offers you the ultimate simulation results with minimum fees and hence you would decrease the time required for your academic projects to one third economically.

Professional training of the simulations

The designing and simulation procedure will be trained. The trainings include geometry modeling, mesh generation, simulation, analyzing with the appropriate software, post processing, and finally producing the desired results.

Advice based on simulation

Our engineers offer professional advice on designing and optimization of different systems based on the engineering principals and CFD simulations using ANSYS Fluent and CFX. Our special services will be given to you after validation by experimental results and therefore, the optimization results are verified.

Coordinating projects online

Wherever you are in the world, we are ready to offer you our professional services. Mr CFD Company is the first company which has prepared excellent conditions so that you can organize your projects online, and be informed about the project procedure through your profile on our website.

Economical consideration

We believe that the most cost-effective way of organizing your projects is to trust our simulations; hence, you could reduce your costs of construction of test cases and reproducing. Most importantly, considering our low fees in designing and simulation of systems, your final cost of designing would be reduced by 20%.

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