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Outsource your project to the MR CFD simulation engineering team. Our experts are ready to carry out every CFD project in all related engineering fields. Our services include industrial and academic purposes, considering the ANSYS Fluent software's wide range of CFD simulations. By outsourcing your project, you can benefit from MR CFD's primary services, including Consultation, Training, and CFD Simulation. The project freelancing procedure is as follows:


An official contract will be set based on your project description and details.


As we start your project, you will have access to our Portal to track its progress.


You will receive the project's resource files after you confirm the final report.


Finally, you will receive a comprehensive training video and technical support.

MR-CFD is an expert in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Our team consists of various professionals with extensive experience in both academic and industrial fields to simulate your desired projects. Applying advanced and innovatory CFD methods to solve complex and real-world flow and thermal phenomena within a broad range of academic problems, such as consulting to publish your paper, advance your thesis or model your unique ideas.

Our CFD consultancy corporate is exceedingly varied in case of industry problems:

Aerodynamic & Aerospace Engineering

There has been much work done to give special consideration to the structural design of these aircraft in terms of aerodynamics because the flight, as well as the control of the continuation of the flight in the drones, is done by remote control orders. To investigate aerodynamic forces, stability, and, ultimately, effective designs, it is essential to simulate the wind around such things.


In this case, MR-CFD is able to optimize the performance of your devices, such as airfoils, paragliders, drones, UAVs, cars, etc., in order to achieve the most suitable design, which could behave significantly better in different conditions.

Agriculture & Food Engineering

Agriculture is anticipated to produce food and raw materials, protect the landscape, and lower atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations in the next years. According to predictions, using information and communication technology in agriculture will contribute to future productivity gains. A large number of food processing procedures, including chilling, drying, freezing, pasteurizing, and sterilizing, depend on fluid flow. Food engineers now have bright knowledge and comprehension of the probable performance of food equipment during the design process, as well as confidence in the quality or safety of food products, thanks to the use of CFD techniques in the food sector.


MR-CFD can consult and accompany your food production procedure, such as the design of your watering equipment, greenhouse ventilation, dryer devices, etc., or whatever you need to optimize your production.

Architecture Engineering

Using CFD modeling, architects and engineers can visually test their ideas, optimize their designs, and fulfill cost and performance goals at the same time. CFD modeling offers a unique, thorough insight into suggested concepts. CFD modeling can also create designs that are as energy-efficient as possible without ignoring other aspects like comfort or safety.


Based on your project, we aim to design and simulate your Architectural idea in order to obtain the best performance, for instance, considering the airflow around a tall building, solar radiation, and its effect on the temperature of each point inside and outside the building, dust particle entrance, noise or air pollution around it, etc.

Chemical Engineering

Optimizing the transport processes to increase the yield or conversion of desired products and ensure the procedure are operated safely is important.


Our consultancy in chemical engineering varies from designing, constructing, and running facilities and machinery for the large-scale industrial chemical (such as reactors, boilers, separators, cyclones, chambers, Venturi Scrubber, etc.), biological or related operations to developing new or modified chemicals for a diverse range of products.

Electrical and Power Engineering

As electronic devices get smaller and smaller every day, thermal management of electrical systems has become a crucial point of study in electronics research and development. Due to the occurrence of extremely high temperatures in various sections of an electronic device, such as a computer or smartphone, inadequate heat dissipation (cooling) can cause a temporary or even permanent breakdown of the object.


Considering the mentioned subject( cooling the electrical devices) as an example in a wide range of CFD applications such as windfarm power gaining, electrical field effects on fluid flows, etc., MR-CFD is capable of guiding precise thermal analysis and then finding the best cooling options in such devices to improve their performance.

Gas and Petrochemical Engineering

In the modern world, petrochemical engineering also covers processes involving mineral extraction. One of the specialty areas of chemical engineering teaches people how to successfully and ethically mine raw materials from the Earth with the use of exemplary apparatus and equipment.


Our company consists of professionals in the field of gas and petrochemicals who could assist you in whatever your need is, from decreasing Erosion in the Pipes that transfer flows including several bends to optimizing scrubbers that remove certain particles and gases from industrial exhaust streams and also desalination of sea water in order to increase the fresh water production rate for human usage.

Healthcare and Biomedical Engineering

The trend in society toward using machinery and technology in many facets of daily life is correlated with the rise in the need for biomedical engineers. The development of ground-breaking and life-saving innovations such as artificial organs, surgical robots, advanced prosthetics, novel pharmaceutical drugs, and kidney dialysis was made possible by combining engineering principles with biological science to meet medical needs.


In this field, we have extensive experience cooperating and collaborating in industrial projects, for example, simulation of cerebral aneurysms, a cerebrovascular tissue in which weakness in the walls of a cerebral artery causes a localized dilation or ballooning in the blood vessel. As the artery wall gradually gets thinner, the blood flow causes the weakened wall to swell outward. Also, simulating the spread of various viruses in different conditions and how to use tools and air ventilation to prevent them. In order to achieve your goals, You can count on MR-CFD professionals.

HVAC Systems

Utilization in both the design of new structures and the evaluation of existing buildings is growing. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) will continue to grow as there is an increased focus on air quality and superior control over thermal comfort.


Optimizing the HVAC System is one technique to lower the energy needed for any structure. We can consult you to better comprehend the thermal comfort in a room or a whole building with enhanced accuracy thanks to the ability to represent different heating or cooling sources with simulations. This results in thermally optimal designs and educated decisions on where heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems should be installed.

Hydraulic structures

CFD modeling can be used to forecast and display water flow in real-world situations such as rivers, stormwater, and wastewater systems. Simply put, CFD provides the positive benefits of physical modeling within reasonable time and cost limits. in the case of hydraulic structures, for instance, in marine, and coastal environments, sediment transport and the resulting local scour can cause structures to fail. The precise forecast of the local scours magnitude and knowledge and understanding of erosion and sediment movement principles is carried out.


To optimize the function of hydraulic structures and increase their life, You can Benefit from our experts help and advice.

Marine Engineering

In advancing digital technology, it is important to identify all the best ways to apply it to the extremely difficult task of designing a marine object, like a Self-Propelled Submarine, Sea Robot, Water Turbine, Fish Cage Floating on a Seawater, etc., which are carried out by our professionals. Riding the wave of the rapid progress of High-Performance Computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has become a powerful tool for gaining valuable insight into the hydrodynamic characteristics of surface vessels.


By utilizing tested models, cutting-edge technologies, and the extraordinary expertise of our team, MR-CFD uses CFD to simulate marine conditions and forecast the movement of air and water around an object.

We understand how crucial it is to ensure your underwater equipment performs at its optimum and is as efficient as possible. For this reason, we provide naval architects, engineers, and others with our computational fluid dynamics consulting services.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the mother of all engineering disciplines, yet it is also the most diverse and flexible. It includes crucial components of aeronauticalelectricalcivilchemical, and even material science and bio-engineering, in addition to physics and mathematics. Mechanical engineering touches almost every aspect of modern life, from mobile phones and biomedical devices to aircraft and power plants.


You can find hard proof of our numerous successful CFD consulting projects in our portfolio of case studies for mechanical simulations, among which we can name cavitation in pumps, Plate silencers and Sound Absorption, Brake Disk System Heat Transfer, and many more simulations.

Experience is essential to determining whether one has a digital twin that can be used to transition a design into production in CFD and all other types of engineering simulation. This, in our opinion, gives us a competitive advantage and demonstrates our worth to our clientele.

Renewable Energy Engineering

Renewable energy sources are endlessly available energy sources. Solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, and geothermal power are a few examples. The advantages of using various energy sources more widely are obvious. Developed businesses based on wind energy technology have emerged with the ability to effectively convert available wind energy into a valued type of energy like electricity.

An example of a project accomplished by the MR-CFD company is the PCM Solar Collector, which uses a freezing and condensing process to store solar energy and then release it back into the environment.


MR-CFD is a reliable source for CFD consultant services thanks to its wide range of project experience and commitment to its clients. We pledge to provide our clients with the best analysis and modeling to manage any technical issues they may have.

Turbomachinery Engineering

The industry puts an emphasis on optimizing turbomachines since they use much energy. As a result, improved performance lowers energy consumption, eventually leading to a cleaner environment.

We offer specialized solutions for turbomachinery design and performance enhancement through computer-aided simulations. Key design constraints impacting device performance are identified with the aid of simulation-driven design for turbomachinery, which then offers the chance to transform those restrictions into alternative and effective design concepts. The quantity of prototyping tries is significantly decreased with virtual simulations.


We assist turbomachinery designers in cutting down on physical trials to speed up development, lower associated expenses, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

We work as an important link for design engineers and manufacturing companies to assist them in realizing their product promise from concept to realization with our CFD-based design optimization capabilities across various areas. Our CFD engineer team provides international solutions to significant engineering fields after successfully completing complex and challenging projects.

We offer comprehensive consultation for your CFD projects. Our experts help you reach the ultimate results in the shortest time and are just one click away to guide you through any CFD problem. You can demand online meetings with our experts or even ask your smallest CFD questions when you are running your own project freely, using the following address.

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