Simulation's Benefits

Simulation’s Benefits

Now a day, using CFD science has several advantages all over the world. There are three general methods for analyzing a system: experimental tests, theoretical solutions, and numerical simulations. Theoretical solutions usually only answer specific problems. In fact, for situations where simplifications have been made. Therefore, they can not be used in a wide range of issues.

Experimental tests are usually expensive. So lower cost is one of the essential advantages of CFD.  Also, performing experimental tests is complicated for many systems. Some flow physics and heat transfer processes and related boundary conditions cannot be experimentally tested, such as hypersonic currents. But using CFDs, the boundary conditions related to them can be simulated.  Also, CFD permits excellent control over the physical processes and offers the ability to isolate specific phenomena for study.

Imagine that there is a plan that wants to be made. During the construction process, it is decided to make changes to it. Experimental testing to evaluate these changes is very time-consuming and costly. Therefore, CFD can be used to evaluate design changes quickly.

The use of CFD methods gives us more comprehensive information than the use of experimental experiments. Experiments only allow data to be extracted at a limited number of points in the system (where the sensors and meters are located). But CFD permits data to be extracted in any area of interest.

Another benefit of using CFDs is system optimization. Today, the use of simulation has dramatically improved the optimization of mechanical systems.

Many people are working in this field all over the world today. Our company has been working for several years with a professional team specializing in CFD simulations in various fields of fluid mechanics.

You may be wondering why us and why MR CFD?

Our most honest answer to you is: WHY NOT MR CFD?


To simulate all the different fields of fluid mechanics, we have experienced professionals who will do your projects in the shortest time.

Our experts’ consultation for simulation and training in various engineering fields include as follows:

Electrical and electromagnetics
Renewable energy
Fossil fuel
Hydraulic structures

And the main major models you can order to be done by the MR-CFD team are as follows:

Flow Regimes include:

Multiphase Flow
Chemical reactions
Compressible Flow
Mass Transfer
Heat Transfer
Aircraft Icing
Dispersed Flow
Free Surface Flow
Reacting Flow
Turbulence Flow
Non-Newtonian Flow

Moreover, Fluent Modules include:

Dynamic mesh
Moving Reference Frame(Mrf)
Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)
Thermal FST
Discrete phase model (DPM)
User define function coding (UDF)
Large-eddy simulation
Solidification and melting(PCM)
Species Transport
Due to their high experience and skills, our experts can identify your problem very quickly and provide you with the most appropriate and shortest way to reach the most appropriate answer.
We have very powerful supercomputers that help you perform simulations faster. In addition, you can use our computer services in coordination.

and above all

We are with you from the beginning to the end of the path. Whichever our services you want to use, we will accompany you 100%  from the first step to the last step.

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