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What is Solidification & Melting?

The transition from a solid to a liquid is known as melting. A pure substance begins to melt at a specific, fixed temperature known as the melting point.

A phase transition in materials that produces a solid is known as solidification, commonly referred to as freezing. This typically happens when a liquid’s temperature is dropped below its freezing point. While most materials have a freezing and melting point at the same temperature, not all materials do. Hence the words “freezing point” and “melting point” are not always synonymous.

Thermal energy storage in PCM is obtained during the phase change process so that during the phase change from solid to liquid, it absorbs heat from the environment and returns heat to the environment during the liquid-to-solid phase change. PCMs have a variety of melting (Liquidus) or freezing (solidus) temperatures and are therefore used in cooling and heating systems.

Solidification & MeltingSolidification & Melting Simulations in ANSYS Fluent Software

The melting/solidification model involves calculating the density and viscosity in a “mushy zone” and is intended to be used for two-phase flows. The features of this mushy zone, which is both liquid and solid in parts, are controlled by a lever rule based on the difference between melting and freezing temperatures. The density, viscosity, and heat capacity of the mushy zone are determined using the lever rule using a proportionally weighted average of the liquid and solid parameters.

Using Ansys Fluent, fluid flow problems involving solidification and/or melting that occur at a single temperature or over a range of temperatures can be resolved. Ansys Fluent employs an enthalpy-porosity formulation rather than tracking the liquid-solid front explicitly. To account for the pressure decrease brought on by the presence of solid material, the liquid-solid mushy zone is represented as a porous zone with a porosity equal to the liquid percentage. The turbulence equations also incorporate sinks to account for the reduced porosity in the solid sections.

Ansys Fluent models the solidification/melting process using the enthalpy-porosity method. The melt interface is not specifically tracked in this method. Instead, each cell in the domain has a value known as the liquid fraction that represents the portion of the cell volume that is in liquid form. At each iteration, the liquid fraction is calculated using an enthalpy balance.

The region between 0 and 1 in the mushy zone is where the liquid fraction is found. The “pseudo” porous medium representing the mushy zone has a porosity that falls from 1 to 0 when the substance solidifies. The porosity is zero when the material has entirely solidified in a cell, which causes the velocities likewise to be zero.

An example is the Solidification and Melting of PCM around a Corrugated Tube simulation. In this CFD Analysis, solidification and melting of a phase change material (PCM) inside a tube with a wavy inner surface using ANSYS Fluent software is carried out by MR-CFD experts.

Solidification & MeltingIn another CFD project, the performance of phase change material which is evenly distributed inside the circular chamber with a glass cover is investigated by ANSYS Fluent software. Finally, liquid and solid mass fractions and different contours were obtained at different times.

Solidification & Melting

MR-CFD, an Expert in the Field of Solidification & Melting Simulations

With several years of experience in simulating various problems in different CFD fields using ANSYS Fluent software, the MR-CFD Company is ready to offer extensive modeling, meshing, and simulation services. Our simulation Services for Solidification & Melting simulations are categorized as follows:

  • Simulation and analysis of PCM application in Tank Storage, Fuel Tank, etc.
  • CFD Simulation of PCM inside Various types of Heat Exchangers.
  • Modeling of PCM inside Different types of Tubes (Finned Tube, Triplex Tube, etc.)
  • Simulation of Providing Indoor Locations Thermal Comfort inside
  • Analysis of PCM application in solar Heating Devices.
  • CFD Simulation of Improving Battery Performance using PCM Materials.
  • Analysis of Passive Ventilation using Phase Change Material

You may find the related products to the Solidification & Melting simulation category in Training Shop.

Our services are not limited to the mentioned subjects, and the MR-CFD is ready to undertake different and challenging projects in the Solidification & Melting Engineering modeling field ordered by our customers. We even accept carrying out CFD simulation for any abstract or concept design you have in your mind to turn them into reality and even help you reach the best design for what you may have imagined. You can benefit from MR-CFD expert consultation for free and then order your project to be simulated and trained.

By outsourcing your project to the MR-CFD as a CFD simulation freelancer, you will not only receive the related project’s resource files (Geometry, Mesh, Case & Data, …), but also you will be provided with an extensive tutorial video demonstrating how you can create the geometry, mesh, and define the needed settings(pre-processing, processing and post-processing) in the ANSYS Fluent software all by yourself. Additionally, post-technical support is available to clarify issues and ambiguities.


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