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As learning products, there are more than 1000 ANSYS Fluent CFD simulation training here. These learning products are presented as Practical Academic Exercises, Industrial Projects, Paper Numerical Validations, and Training Packages. All the CFD-SHOP products could be beneficial and practical since they are all simulated based on the industrial data or technical data of credit published papers. Every product includes a geometry file, mesh file, and a comprehensive training video. The training video contains how to set up (models), how to solve the simulation (solution), and how to extract and analyze the simulation results (post-processing). These learning products help you solve similar projects you are eager to simulate numerically using ANSYS Fluent software. You can order online support for all existing learning products as a special offer. If you need expert guidance through the training, this offer gives you 1 hour of dedicated support for half of the original service price since you are buying a learning product. You can practically learn how to simulate and find the problem of your specific CFD analyses by purchasing every product, counting on fantastic training videos, and MR CFD experts’ support. You can investigate the project description, including a summary of boundary conditions, how to set up, etc., before buying any product in this section.

After finding your favorite project, you can buy it with incredible supportive service, price, and quality. These learning products cover a wide range of engineering fields such as Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical and Power, Aerodynamic and Aerospace, Architectural, Renewable Energy, Marine, Turbomachinery, Hydraulic Structures & Civil, Gas & Petrochemical, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Healthcare and Biomedical, and so on. Also, you can easily find and purchase your related ANSYS Fluent CFD simulation training via Learning Products based on every possible Fluent module you imagine. (Acoustic, Combustion, Discrete Phase Model (DPM), Dynamic Mesh, Fan, Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, MHD & EHD, Moving Mesh, Moving Reference Frame (MRF), Multi-Phase Flow, Open Channel Flow, Solidification & Melting, Species Transport,  Porous, Radiation). All flow regimes are also investigated in existing learning products, including Aircraft Icing, Chemical Reactions, Compressible Flow, Free-Surface Flow, Inviscid Flow, Non-Newtonian Flow, Reacting Flow, and Laminar and Turbulent Flows.

There is also a specific section for professionals in advanced fields such as Machine Learning (DOE and RSM), Population Balance Model (PBM), Large Eddy Simulation (LES), Mesh Morphing (RBF-Morph), Thermal FSI, Nano-Fluid, and also applying User Defined Function (UDF). There are some Free Products to check the service quality. If you cannot find your related project in the Learning Products section, you can order your projects based on your specific description. To order your ANSYS Fluent project (CFD simulation and training), contact our experts via [email protected], online support, or WhatsApp. The MR CFD experts will investigate your order. Then an official contract will be set based on the project description. The formal agreement (official contract) includes project price, time-span, and all terms of condition. You can easily buy your desired ANSYS Fluent CFD Simulation Training through LEARNING PRODUCTS with three days of complimentary support by MR CFD experts to guide you on using the products if there is any question or problem with the projects. These three days of free support start as you buy and receive the product. Some learning products may be ready after 24 to 48 hours, while almost all products can be obtained immediately after purchasing.

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