Moving Reference Frame (MRF)

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In various work, we need to simulate fluid flow behavior in a device that one part or whole device is moving and this movement can be translational or rotational. In ANSYS Fluent software There is Various method for simulation of moving object and each module has some advantage and disadvantage and in some case there is some limitation. In this post we want to talk ability and disability of moving reference frame (MRF). turbofanThis module is used for CFD simulation of translation and rotational device (like compressor and pumps). The advantage of this model is that work with this module is very easy and convergence is so well imposed rather than Moving mesh and dynamic mesh and also it can be used in steady mode. But in case that overall shape of device in fluid flow domain is varying during time (like vertical axis wind turbine) this is module disable to simulate whole behavior of fluid flow during time and just be used to initial simulation and solve.

We have various experience in CFD simulation of moving device by using the MRF model in ANSYS Fluent propellersoftware. In following you can see a summary of performed work by this module

  • Simulation of cavitation mass transfer in inducer
  • Simulation of axial and centrifugal compressor
  • CFD simulation of axial fan in various rotation speed
  • Simulation of a radial blower
  • Simulation of horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) in various tip speed ratio (TSR)
  • Investigation of earthquake effect on water level behind the spillway
  • Determining airplane propeller thrust in various speed
  • Predicting multiphase flow behavior around ship propeller
  • Simulation Archimedes turbine
  • Simulation of various mixer propeller in a tank in medical application
  • Extra thrust prediction using aft fan in turbojet
  • Cavitation prediction on Kaplan and Francis turbine

Frame Motion

The purpose of some simulation is to investigate the effect of external flow on the turbine blades and to calculate the Drag and Lift forces applied to the blade surfaces. In such problems, the turbine blades rotate at a rotational speed on the horizontal axis and the air in the area surrounding the blades is stationary. Using the MRF method, the blades can be assumed to be static and the wind flow around the blades is rotated with the same rotational speed around the horizontal axis. Also, since these simulations are Steady, the Mesh Motion option is disabled because it is used when the time effect must be applied to problem-solving and the purpose of these problems is to define the rotational speed for the blade.


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