Moving Reference Frame

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What is a Moving reference frame (MRF)?

The Moving Reference Frame (MRF) approach is a steady-state method employed in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to model problems with rotating parts. It is considered less computationally expensive yet accurate enough for most industrial problems. The underlying physics behind this approach is simple yet elegant. A thin volumetric region of mesh cells is created around the rotating body during the meshing phase. This region is known as the MRF zone. During the simulation phase, the MRF zone is rotated about the body’s axis and kept stationary. To preserve the direction of Coriolis Forces on the body, the rotational velocity of the body is reversed in the MRF zone. The general purpose of MRF simulation is to investigate the effect of external flow on the turbine blades and calculate the Drag and Lift forces applied to the blade surfaces. In such problems, the turbine blades rotate at a rotational speed on the horizontal axis, and the air in the area surrounding the blades is stationary. Using the MRF method, the blades can be assumed to be static, and the wind flow around the blades is rotated with the same rotational speed around the horizontal axis. An alternative to MRF is the moving/sliding mesh technique, which can deal with strong interactions between the moving volume and the surrounding stationary volumes. However, the moving mesh technique often has robustness problems in practice due to its dependence on intersection calculations between the stationary and rotating volumes. Also, the moving mesh technique is a transient (unsteady) simulation procedure which typically results in extremely long runtimes.


MR-CFD, an expert in the field of Moving Reference Frame Simulation

With several years of experience simulating a wide range of problems in various CFD fields using Fluent software, the MR-CFD team is ready to offer extensive modeling, meshing, and simulation services. Simulation Services for MRF are categorized as follows:

  • Simulation of cavitation mass transfer in inducer
  • Simulation of axial and centrifugal compressor
  • CFD simulation of axial fan in various rotation speed
  • Simulation of a radial blower
  • Simulation of horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) in various tip speed ratios (TSR)
  • Investigation of earthquake effect on water level behind the spillway
  • Determining airplane propeller thrust in various speed
  • Predicting multiphase flow behavior around ship propeller
  • Simulation Archimedes turbine
  • Simulation of various mixer propellers in a tank in medical application
  • Extra thrust prediction using aft fan in turbojet
  • Cavitation prediction on Kaplan and Francis turbine

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Our services are not limited to the mentioned subjects, and the MR-CFD team is ready to undertake different and challenging projects ordered by our customers. You can consult with our experts freely and without charge at first, and then order your project by sending the problem details to us using the following address.

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By entrusting your project to the MR-CFD team, you will not only receive the related project’s files (Geometry, Mesh, Fluent files). Also, you will be provided with an extensive tutorial video demonstrating how you can create the geometry, mesh, and define the needed settings in the Fluent software all by yourself. And these all come with post-technical support from the MR-CFD team.

MR-CFD experts are ready to fulfill every Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) needs. Our service includes industrial and academic purposes considering a wide range of CFD problems. MR-CFD serves in three main categories: ANSYS Fluent Consultation, ANSYS Fluent Training, and ANSYS Fluent Project Simulation. MR-CFD company has gathered experts from various engineering fields to ensure the quality of CFD services. Your CFD project would be done in the shortest time, with the highest quality and reasonable cost.

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