Project Outsourcing

Outsource your project to the MR CFD simulation engineering team. Our experts are ready to carry out every CFD project in all related engineering fields. Our services include industrial and academic purposes, considering the ANSYS Fluent software's wide range of CFD simulations. By outsourcing your project, you can benefit from MR CFD's primary services, including Consultation, Training, and CFD Simulation. The project freelancing procedure is as follows:


An official contract will be set based on your project description and details.


As we start your project, you will have access to our Portal to track its progress.


You will receive the project's resource files after you confirm the final report.


Finally, you will receive a comprehensive training video and technical support.

Analysis Support

The last part of getting the in-depth CFD analysis done is a post-processing analysis of the results obtained. It is essential to analyze and understand the various CFD results obtained after the examination. Based on analyzing multiple quantities such as contours, 3D streamlines, and different X-Y plots, the results are analyzed and interpreted to give complete information of the results obtained in the simulated conditions. These results are then converted into insights and design decisions by various CFD companies that either propose design changes or solutions to optimize based on the client’s requirement. Based on the process discussed above, this is how one can get a complete in-depth CFD analysis done.

MR CFD is ready to provide different services in the mentioned area, including consultation and guide through and at the end of the CFD project. A client can trust the MR CFD group wholeheartedly to analyze and provide insightful and specialized views and perspectives about the performed CFD project


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