Published Papers and Books

Published Paper and Books

We are researching in different research fields. Some of our articles that have been published so far are listed below. You can also see the full description of each of these articles by clicking on their video below.

Investigation of nanofluid entropy generation in a heat exchanger with helical twisted tapes
Nanofluid heat transfer augmentation and exergy loss inside a pipe equipped with innovative turbulators
Investigation of second law and hydrothermal behavior of nanofluid through a tube using passive methods
Second law analysis for nanofluid turbulent flow inside a circular duct in presence of twisted tape turbulators
Numerical investigation on effects of using segmented and helical tube fins on thermal performance and efficiency of a shell and tube heat exchanger
Simulation of turbulent flow of nanofluid due to existence of new effective turbulator involving entropy generation
Heat transfer simulation during charging of nanoparticle enhanced PCM within a channel
Heat transfer and turbulent simulation of nanomaterial due to compound turbulator including irreversibility analysis
Heat transfer of magnetic nanoparticles through porous media including exergy analysis
Influence of various shapes of CuO nanomaterial on nanofluid forced convection within a sinusoidal channel with obstacles
Hydrothermal and second law behavior for charging of NEPCM in a two dimensional thermal storage unit
Simulation of nanoparticles application for expediting melting of PCM inside a finned enclosure
Heat transfer of nanoparticles employing innovative turbulator considering entropy generation
Estimation Of Boundary Shape Using Inverse Method in a Functionally Graded Material in Two Dimensional Problem.
Effects of reactor design parameters on stability and emissions of vortex flames: A numerical study
Pre-Feasibility Study and Unit Sizing of Hybrid Renewable Energy System for a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Station in Tabriz, Iran
Numerical investigation of indoor thermal comfort and air quality for a multi-purpose hall with various shading and glazing ratios.
Minimizing the respiratory pathogen transmission: numerical study and multi-objective optimization of ventilation systems in a classroom

Many articles are also under review. So the list above will be completed over time.

As well as a book called:

Nanofluid for convective heat transfer in various geometries

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