Free Surface Flows (Multiphase)

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Free surface flow

Here, we investigate free surface flow. A liquid, with strong cohesive forces, consists of relatively close-packed molecules that tend to retain its volume. This will form a free surface in a gravitational field if unconfined from above. In free surface flow, gravitational effects are dominant. Since the space between gas molecules is large and with negligible cohesive forces, gas is free to expand until it encounters confining walls.

Gasses cannot form a free surface. Thus, we rarely consider gravitational effects for gas flows other than buoyancy. We can see the free surface flow in environments such as rivers, channels, and waterways. In the industry, we see the free surface flow in applications such as gear lubrication, wave loading, movement of ships and boats, offshore constructions, etc. For open-channel flow, the extra freedom that allows the fluid to select its free surface location and configuration from additional flow types.

CFD simulation of free-surface flows was really a complex and time-consuming process; however, currently, CFD packages like ANSYS Fluent have provided excellent modules for the simulation of free-surface flows. MRCFD Company has years of experience in the simulation of free-surface flows in different applications.


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