MR CFD Story

MR CFD Story

This is how we start this story: Why MR CFD? This name stands for MAIN RESOURCE OF CFD. Because from the beginning we aimed to create a large source of high-diversity CFD simulations. We started this company in 2008 with small steps but colossal heart desires. The big heart wants to be influential in the wonderful world of engineering and, most importantly, to have bigger aspirations in the lives of its contemporaries and the land that is the natural home of us all. CFD is just a tool. A tool that was in the field of our knowledge and expertise helped us move towards realizing these aspirations.

In simulation and optimization, we started working in different fields and gradually expanded these fields. We did many project simulations for different companies. We have prepared many training packages and training products and many free training products in various fields on the site, and these products will increase over time. A significant part of our wish for all people worldwide is that no one drops out of school because of financial problems and that the excellence of people in jobs and occupations is only because of their efforts. Therefore, we have policies in place so that we can provide as much education and products as free as possible in addition to economic activity. In addition to their business goals, all of them pursue the same main goal that we have set: helping our fellow human beings to live better in a healthier and cleaner land.

Over time, many specialists were added to us. The people for whom our cause was valued and our family grew bigger and bigger every day. Several years after the company was founded, the company, which was built on friendly intimacy, is a family. A family whose individual members strive to continue its foundation and believe that achieving an important goal requires knowledge, wisdom, and hearts that beat for their fellow human beings and better lives.  A family that all members consider CFDs as a tool in their field of expertise to make the world more beautiful for other people as much as they can.

Our services are as follows:

  • Research
  • Modeling
  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Simulation
  • Paper publishing
  • Technical support
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