MR CFD Story

MR CFD Story

This is how we start this story: Why MR CFD? This name stands for Main Resource of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Because from the beginning we aimed to create a large source of high-diversity CFD simulations. We started this company in 2008 with small steps but colossal heart desires. The big heart wants to be influential in the wonderful world of engineering and, most importantly, to have bigger aspirations in the lives of its contemporaries and the land that is the natural home of us all. CFD is just a tool. A tool that was in the field of our knowledge and expertise helped us move towards realizing these aspirations.

In simulation and design optimization, we started working in different fields and gradually expanded these fields. We carry out Academic and Industrial CFD project simulations for different companies and institutes. We have prepared many training products, packages, and courses existing on the site. A significant part of our wish for all people worldwide is that no one drops out of school because of financial problems and that the excellence of people in jobs and occupations is only because of their efforts. Therefore, we have policies in place so that we can provide as much education and products as free as possible in addition to economic activity. Helping our fellow human beings to live better in a healthier and cleaner land.

Over time, many specialists were added to us. The people for whom our cause was valued and our family grew bigger and bigger every day. Several years after the company was founded, the company, which was built on friendly intimacy, is a family. A family whose individual members strive to continue its foundation and believe that achieving an important goal requires knowledge, wisdom, and hearts that beat for their fellow human beings and better lives.  A family that all members consider CFDs as a tool in their field of expertise to make the world more beautiful for other people as much as they can.

Our services are as follows:

  • Research
  • Modeling
  • Meshing
  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Simulation
  • Paper publishing
  • Technical support

Since its inception, MR CFD has grown to become a leader in the CFD industry. Our team of experts has developed innovative solutions for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical. We have also developed a suite of software tools that make it easier for our clients to use CFD to solve their problems. MR CFD provides both academic and industrial CFD services. In both of these areas, we are in contact with many universities and industrial companies and have had partnerships. Some of our CFD experiences are listed below:

  • Flow analysis in compressors and axial fans
  • Analysis of horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines (HAWT and VAWT)
  • Investigating the free convection heat transfer performance of Heller dry cooling towers
  • Flow analysis in dams, runoffs, rivers, and open water channels flow using VOF
  • Local cavitation analysis by Fluent CFD software
  • Analysis of UAV, airplane, and helicopter aerodynamics
  • Analysis of aerodynamic characteristics curves of airfoils
  • Thermal analysis of heat exchangers like shell and tube and plate heat exchangers
  • Heat transfer analysis of non-concentric and concentric tubes
  • combustion and reactive systems with pollution analysis (like gas turbines)
  • NOx, SOx, and soot formation analysis
  • Heat transfer analysis in free and forced convection
  • Melting and solidification processes
  • Compressible flow analysis, convergent-divergent nozzles; oblique and normal shock waves.
  • Investigation on using non-Newtonian fluids (Bingham) in good extraction.
  • Mass transfer processes like evaporation, cavitation, condensation
  • Analysis of Sediment retention and injected sedimentation
  • Analysis of louvers in dry and humid environments
  • Chemical reactions and species transport in chemical engineering
  • Flow analysis in various types of orifice
  • Heat transfer analysis in-floor heating and comparison with other heating techniques in a room
  • Analysis of compressible flows around jet engines
  • The droplet was moving analysis in 2 dimensions as well as three dimensions by the VOF module.
  • Analysis of bubbling, slug flow phenomena
  • Flow analysis in wavy channels
  • Vortex flame analysis in various types of the combustion chamber
  • Heat transfer analysis in porous media and effective heat transfer coefficient
  • Analysis of waterfalls using the VOF module
  • Simulation of Micropump
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