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Study of fluid flow around moving body and devices is an interesting subject. These areas consist study of various type of wind turbines (VAWT and HAWT), turbomachinery (pump, compressor, turbine, fan, and blowers), etc. by ANSYS Fluent software we are able to simulate behavior of fluid flow around and inside this device and find and improve performance of these devices. There is various module in ANSYS fluent to model and simulate the moving objects (moving reference frame, moving mesh, dynamic mesh, moving wall) and each module has itself limitation, advantage, and disadvantage and in most problem one special module able to simulate that work. for example we can model HAWT by both MRF and moving mesh. And we know that result of both modules is same and because we should use transient mode for moving mesh case, computational time will be higher than MRF and we prefer to model HAWT by MRF method. But in VAWT it is not possible to model it with MRF model because the wind turbine blade situation VS wind direction will change during time and we must simulate is with moving mesh.moving mesh

We are expert in the field of CFD simulation of various device by moving mesh and in the other word sliding mesh. We do this simulation by ANSYS Fluent software. In the following, you can see a summary our accomplished project related to this module.

  • Various type of horizontal and vertical axis wind turbine
  • Various type and situation of Tidal turbines ( two and three and four-bladed)
  • Simulation of turbomachinery include (pumps, compressors, etc.)
  • Airplane propeller CFD simulationproppeler
  • Simulation turbofan and AFT fan
  • Simulation of cavitation in Francis, Kaplan and Pelton turbine
  • Simulation of the rescue helicopter

Mesh Motion

The sliding mesh model allows you to solve and model a problem with moving zones. This relative motion can be either transitional or rotational. The relative motion of the moving and static components makes the problem unsteady. Most transient issues are periodic with time, the answer is repeated with a suitable period or period related with the speed of movement of the slopes.

Dynamic Mesh

The dynamic mesh allows you to move the boundaries of grid areas over other boundaries and subsequently apply the appropriate mesh or grid to these areas. boundaries can be rigid and move with each other (linear and rotational motion) and also deform at the boundary during movement.

To decide whether to choose Sliding Mesh or Dynamic Mesh:

• Many different issues can be solved by both methods.

• If the issue does not lead to mesh or grid deformation, the sliding mesh (moving mesh) model is suggested and it is important that it is simpler and more optimized.

• The dynamic mesh is used when the primary grid is deformed during the physics of the problem.


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