Learning Product Subscription

Learning Product Subscription

CFD engineers, that are going to learn CFD simulation for industrial and academic projects and are looking for learning products can benefit from a 3-month subscription. This type of subscription dramatically decreases the learning products’ price, including fantastic technical support.

Following is the table for a subscription for the learning products existing in the CFD-SHOP for students who want to be MR CFD members.

Total products per subscription period 3-month subscription Price (USD) Order Now
3 (1 per month) 269 Add To Cart
6 (2 per month) 449 Add To Cart
9 (3 per month) 539 Add To Cart
15 (5 per month) 679 Add To Cart
30 (10 per month) 899 Add To Cart

Terms & Conditions:

  • Training videos and learning files will be permanent and will not vanish after the subscription period is expired, but the technical support will be finished just after the subscription period is finished.
  • This subscription contains academic and paper validation products, while training packages, training courses, and industrial products are not included.
  • If there is any problem with the learning product’s files and doubts about the training videos, MR CFD experts will be available to solve it.
  • Ignoring geometry and mesh training and online training service as default. Although you can add it to your service by choosing the related option.
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