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Project Outsourcing

Outsource your project to the MR CFD simulation engineering team. Our experts are ready to carry out every CFD project in all related engineering fields. Our services include industrial and academic purposes, considering the ANSYS Fluent software's wide range of CFD simulations. By outsourcing your project, you can benefit from MR CFD's primary services, including Consultation, Training, and CFD Simulation. The project freelancing procedure is as follows:


An official contract will be set based on your project description and details.


As we start your project, you will have access to our Portal to track its progress.


You will receive the project's resource files after you confirm the final report.


Finally, you will receive a comprehensive training video and technical support.

Ansys Design Modeler Support

Creating design models is a crucial part of the product development process and the first step in the simulation process. These models can be geometric shapes that show the true details of the design, or they can be an approximation of the invention using simple components such as beams and plates. In addition to being an essential component of engineering simulation, Geometry links engineering simulation with design and construction and thus plays a critical role in developing the simulation product.

The leading computer-aided engineering (CAE) ANSYS Design Modeler environment supports two-way, direct, and communication interfaces with all major CAD systems. The environment includes a feature-based solid modeler that can be used to create a parametric geometry from scratch or prepare an existing CAD geometry for analysis. These tools provide a continuous parametric modeling environment that is ideal for design optimization.

ANSYS Design Modeler offers unique modeling functions for simulation, including parametric geometry creation, concept modeling, CAD geometry correction, automatic clearing and repair, and several custom tools designed for fluid flow, structure, and other types of analyses.

MR CFD is ready to provide different services in the mentioned area, including designing different geometries based on the need of customers, detailed explanation on the mentioned software and its other options and abilities for creating various parts and bodies, and to provide clients with step-by-step and extensive tutorials on how to carry out different CAD file.

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