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What is Nanofluid?

Nanofluid is a fluid containing nanometer-sized particles called nanoparticles. These fluids are engineered colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles in a base fluid. The nanoparticles used in nanofluids are typically made of metals, oxides, carbides, or carbon nanotubes. Common base fluids include water, ethylene glycol, and oil. Nanofluids have novel properties that make them potentially useful in many applications in heat transfer, including microelectronics, fuel cells, pharmaceutical processes, and hybrid-powered engines, engine cooling/vehicle thermal management, domestic refrigerator, chiller, heat exchanger, nuclear reactor coolant, in grinding, machining, in space technology, defense and ships, and in boiler flue gas temperature reduction. They exhibit enhanced thermal conductivity and the convective heat transfer coefficient compared to the base fluid. Knowledge of the rheological behavior of nanofluids is found to be very critical in deciding their suitability for convective heat transfer applications. In an analysis such as computational fluid dynamics, nanofluids can be assumed to be single-phase fluids. The classical theory of single-phase fluids can be applied, where the physical properties of nanofluid are taken as a function of properties of both constituents and their concentrations.


Influence of Nano Fluid on Heat transfer

There are many ways to improve thermal heat transfer. These include creating plates to increase heat transfer surface, vibration, and microchannels. Thermal efficiency can also be increased by increasing the thermal conductivity of the working fluids. Fluids commonly used in industry, such as water, ethylene glycol, motor oil, etc., often have lower conductivity than solids, which is why the solids can be used to improve performance in the form of solid particles (nanoparticles) added into the fluid. On the other hand, these particles can also cause scavenging or blockage of the channels or their corrosion, which has some disadvantages and the potential to increase the conductivity coefficient to increase efficiency.

Many materials can be used as nanoparticles. Since the thermal conductivity of materials, whether in the metal or non-metallic state as Al2O3, CuO, TiO2, SiC, TiC, Ag, Au, Cu, and Fe are generally several times higher, even at low concentration, they have an effective influence on the thermal transfer coefficient. Nano-scale solid particles with dimensional scales in the range of 1–100 nm have been observed with high thermal conductivity, which can significantly increase the effective conductivity of the main fluid and its heat transfer coefficient. Most of these particles are spherical. However, other forms, such as tubular, elongated, disc-shaped, are also considered.

MR-CFD, an expert in the field of Nanofluid simulations

With several years of experience simulating a wide range of problems in various CFD fields using Fluent software, the MR-CFD team is ready to offer extensive modeling, meshing, and simulation services.

Our services are not limited to the mentioned subjects, and the MR-CFD team is ready to undertake different and challenging projects ordered by our customers. You can consult with our experts freely and without charge at first, and then order your project by sending the problem details to us using the following address.

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By entrusting your project to the MR-CFD team, you will not only receive the related project’s files (Geometry, Mesh, Fluent files). Also, you will be provided with an extensive tutorial video demonstrating how you can create the geometry, mesh, and define the needed settings in the Fluent software all by yourself. And these all come with post-technical support from the MR-CFD team.

MR-CFD experts are ready to fulfill every Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) needs. Our service includes industrial and academic purposes considering a wide range of CFD problems. MR-CFD serves in three main categories: ANSYS Fluent Consultation, ANSYS Fluent Training, and ANSYS Fluent Project Simulation. MR-CFD company has gathered experts from various engineering fields to ensure the quality of CFD services. Your CFD project would be done in the shortest time, with the highest quality and reasonable cost.


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