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Project Outsourcing

Outsource your project to the MR CFD simulation engineering team. Our experts are ready to carry out every CFD project in all related engineering fields. Our services include industrial and academic purposes, considering the ANSYS Fluent software's wide range of CFD simulations. By outsourcing your project, you can benefit from MR CFD's primary services, including Consultation, Training, and CFD Simulation. The project freelancing procedure is as follows:


An official contract will be set based on your project description and details.


As we start your project, you will have access to our Portal to track its progress.


You will receive the project's resource files after you confirm the final report.


Finally, you will receive a comprehensive training video and technical support.

Ansys Fluent Support

Ansys Fluent software contains the broad physical modeling capabilities needed to model flow, turbulence, heat transfer, and reactions for industrial applications ranging from airflow over an aircraft wing to combustion in a furnace, from bubble columns to oil platforms, from blood flow to semiconductor manufacturing, and from cleanroom design to wastewater treatment plants. Unique models that give the software the ability to model in-cylinder combustion, aeroacoustics, turbomachinery, and multiphase systems have served to broaden its reach.

Today, thousands of companies worldwide benefit from the use of Ansys Fluent software as an integral part of their design and optimization phases of product development. Advanced solver technology provides fast, accurate CFD results, flexible moving and deforming meshes, and superior parallel scalability. User-defined functions allow the implementation of new user models and the extensive customization of existing ones.  Ansys Fluent interactive solver set-up, solution, and post-processing make it easy to pause a calculation, examine results with integrated post-processing, change any setting, and continue the analysis within a single application.

MR CFD is ready to provide different services in the mentioned area, including the modeling of other projects with implementing different modules ranging from multiphase flows, and turbulent flows (including different models such as Laminar, k-epsilon, k-omega, SAS, DES, LES, and so on), reactive flows & combustion, discrete phase, acoustics, solidification & melting, and so on. We also provide our clients with extensive tutorials in which the needed adjustments are explained in detail so that any individual with any level of CFD knowledge would understand how to simulations are being performed.

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