Fluidized Bed Bio-Reactor ANSYS Fluent Training

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  • The problem numerically simulates the fluidized bed bio-reactor using ANSYS Fluent software.
  • The geometry is designed in a 2D model with the ANSYS Design Modeler software.
  • We performed the structured mesh of the model with ANSYS Meshing software, and the element number equals 26,289.
  • The Eulerian model was used to simulate the multiphase behavior of the solution.
  • The project is solved in transient state.
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The journal file in ANSYS Fluent is used to record and automate simulations for repeatability and batch processing.
editable geometry and mesh allows users to create and modify geometry and mesh to define the computational domain for simulations.
The case and data files in ANSYS Fluent store the simulation setup and results, respectively, for analysis and post-processing.
Geometry, Mesh, and CFD Simulation methodologygy explanation, result analysis and conclusion
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This project investigates the fluidized bed bio-reactor. A fluidized bed bioreactor (FBR) is a type of device that can perform a variety of multiphase chemical reactions. In these types of reactors, a fluid (gas or liquid) is passed through a solid granular material (usually a catalyst) at a rate sufficient to suspend the solid and cause it to behave like a fluid.

This product is the third chapter of the Eulerian Multiphase Model Training Course.

This process, known as fluidization, gives FBR many important advantages. As a result, FBRs are used for many industrial applications such as biomedical and food industry.

The geometry of the present project is designed in Design modeler and meshed in ANSYS Meshing software. The mesh type is structured and the element number is equal to 26,289.

Fluidized Bed Bio-Reactor Methodology

The Eulerian multiphase model was used in this project to simulate the fluidized bed bioreactor. Granular sub-model was activated and phase property model was used to obtain the granular temperature. Drag and virtual mass forces were also enabled between the phase pair of air and silicon (sand), while setting the value of restitution coefficient between the silicon particles equal to 0.9.

Also, Ranz-Marshall model is used to calculate the heat transfer between the air and silicon particles which can calculate the new temperature of each phase after their interactions.

Furthermore, energy equation is enabled to calculate the temperature change inside the domain. In addition, standard k-epsilon model is used to solve for the turbulent fluid equations. The present study is performed in transient format and 2D planar model is used to simulate the problem inside a two-dimensional domain.

Gravity is also enabled to observe the motion of particle. As the air blows under them lifting the silicon particles inside the bio-reactor.


Finally, as shown in the obtained results, due to the air blowing under the silicon particles, they tend to move upward because of the fact that the exerted force on the silicon particles balances their weight. Also, similar to what occurs inside a real bio-reactor, the temperature of the fluid changes. This temperature change helps the reactions to occur faster (considering the fact that catalysts work better in higher temperatures).


  1. Avatar Of Miss Georgianna Cummerata

    Miss Georgianna Cummerata

    I absolutely loved the clear explanation this chapter provided on the fluidization process in the FBR. The visualizations helped me grasp the complex interactions between the air and silicon particles as well as the heat transfer occurring as a result of those interactions. Thank you MR CFD for such an informative module!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your kind words! We are thrilled to hear that you found the chapter on fluidized bed bio-reactors both informative and visually helpful. It is our pleasure to provide quality educational materials that help our customers understand complex processes in an easy-to-follow manner. Your positive feedback is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to assisting you with more learning products in the future.

  2. Avatar Of Miss Katlynn Ruecker

    Miss Katlynn Ruecker

    This course seems very thorough. The interplay between fluid dynamics and heat transfer in the FBR model depicted sounds fascinating. If someone has limited experience with ANSYS Fluent but a good foundation in chemical engineering, would they be able to follow along and benefit fully from this chapter?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Absolutely! This training chapter is designed to build on your chemical engineering foundation and guide you through the specific applications of ANSYS Fluent in simulating fluidized bed reactors. With structured lessons and comprehensive explanations of the Eulerian multiphase model, even those with limited ANSYS experience can grasp the necessary concepts and apply them effectively.

  3. Avatar Of Cristal Hammes

    Cristal Hammes

    The tutorial was exceptionally clear and comprehensive. Thanks for providing such a detailed look into fluidized bed bioreactors and the application of the Eulerian multiphase model. The explanation of drag and virtual mass forces between phase pairs was particularly instructive.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your great feedback! We’re thrilled to hear that you found the Fluidized Bed Bio-Reactor ANSYS Fluent Training tutorial clear and valuable. We always strive to provide detailed and instructive content, and we’re glad it was beneficial to you. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out!

  4. Avatar Of Mrs. Queen O'Conner I

    Mrs. Queen O’Conner I

    I’m absolutely thrilled with the clear demonstrations in the ‘Fluidized Bed Bio-Reactor ANSYS Fluent Training’. The intricate details on how fluidization occurs in industrial applications were well explained and easy to grasp. Their use of the Eulerian model to depict this phenomenon was enlightening and enhanced my understanding immensely!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your positive feedback on the Fluidized Bed Bio-Reactor ANSYS Fluent Training! We’re pleased to hear that the demonstrations were clear and helpful in understanding fluidization in industrial applications. It’s great to know that our training materials have contributed to enhancing your knowledge. We appreciate your kind words and look forward to providing you with more quality learning material.

  5. Avatar Of Dr. Jalen Friesen

    Dr. Jalen Friesen

    This comprehensive overview was extremely helpful! The details about using the Eulerian multiphase model and granular temperature considerations shed light on the complexities of FBRs. The element of temperature’s role in enhancing reaction speeds was particularly enlightening.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We’re happy to hear that our training on Fluidized Bed Bio-Reactors was useful and provided you with a clear understanding of the subject. If you have any further questions or need more insights, please feel free to reach out.

  6. Avatar Of Pierce Harvey

    Pierce Harvey

    The training on the Fluidized Bed Bio-Reactor using ANSYS Fluent looks comprehensive. The detailed methodology combining granular flow with heat transfer presents an interesting learning experience. I would love to know more about how industrial applications can benefit from this course.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your interest in our Fluidized Bed Bio-Reactor ANSYS Fluent Training! We’re glad to hear that the methodology aspect of the training caught your attention. This course is designed to help professionals in the biomedical and food industries understand the dynamics of multiphase reactions and granular flow within a reactor. By mastering these concepts, one can optimize processes such as waste treatment, chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceutical production, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. If you implement these techniques, your company could see a significant improvement in reaction times, energy efficiency, and overall product quality. Thank you once again for choosing MR CFD for your learning journey!

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