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Fluid Flow Around a Wavy Tape in a Tube CFD Simulation

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The present study investigates the fluid flow passing through a circular cross-section tube with a wavy tape inside it.

This product includes CFD simulation files and a training movie using ANSYS Fluent software.

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Problem Description of Fluid Flow Around a Way Tape

The present study investigates the fluid flow passing through a circular cross-section tube, using a wavy tape as a barrier. This waveform acts as a thermal insulator. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the heat transfer in a tube.

Assumptions for fluid flow around wavy tape CFD simulation

To simulate the present problem, several assumptions are considered:

The simulation is Steady-State and the solver is Pressure-Based. Also, the gravity effect is ignored

Geometry & Mesh

The present 3-D model was designed by Design Modeler software. The geometry of the model is a circular cross-section tube having barriers in the form of a wavy bar. Due to the symmetry of the model, the desired geometry is designed as a semi-cylinder. The unstructured mesh was done using ANSYS Meshing software. The element number is equal to 653307.

CFD Simulation Procedure

Here is a summary of the steps to define and solve the problem in the table:

Laminar Viscous model
on energy
Boundary conditions for fluid flow around wavy tape CFD simulation
velocity-inlet Inlet
0.0110334 m.s-1 velocity magnitude
293.15 K temperature
pressure-outlet Outlet
0 Pa gauge pressure
wall Walls type
0 W.m-2 heat flux wave wall
360 K temperature outer wall
Solution Methods
Simple   Pressure-velocity coupling
second order upwind pressure Spatial discretization
second order upwind momentum
second order upwind energy
Initialization for fluid flow around wavy tape simulation
Standard Initialization method
-0.0110334 m.s-1 z-velocity
293.15 K temperature

CFD Results

After the solution process, the 3D and 2D contours of pressure, temperature, velocity, 2D and 3D flow lines and 2D and 3D velocity vectors are obtained.


All files, including Geometry, Mesh, Case & Data, are available in Simulation File. By the way, Training File presents how to solve the problem and extract all desired results.


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