Fluid Flow Around a Wavy Tape in a Tube Simulation


The present study investigates the fluid flow passing through a circular cross-section tube with a wavy tape inside it.

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Fluid Flow Around a Wavy Tape in a Tube, ANSYS Fluent CFD Simulation Training

The present study investigates the fluid flow passing through a circular cross-section tube, using a wavy tape as a barrier by ANSYS Fluent software. This waveform acts as a thermal insulator. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the heat transfer in a tube.

Assumptions for fluid flow around wavy tape CFD simulation

To simulate the present problem, several assumptions are considered:

The simulation is Steady-State and the solver is Pressure-Based. Also, the gravity effect is ignored

Geometry & Mesh

The present 3-D model was designed by Design Modeler software. The geometry of the model is a circular cross-section tube having barriers in the form of a wavy bar. Due to the symmetry of the model, the desired geometry is designed as a semi-cylinder. The unstructured mesh was done using ANSYS Meshing software. The element number is equal to 653307.

CFD Simulation Procedure

Here is a summary of the steps to define and solve the problem in the table:

Laminar Viscous model
on energy
Boundary conditions for fluid flow around wavy tape CFD simulation
velocity-inlet Inlet
0.0110334 m.s-1 velocity magnitude
293.15 K temperature
pressure-outlet Outlet
0 Pa gauge pressure
wall Walls type
0 W.m-2 heat flux wave wall
360 K temperature outer wall
Solution Methods
Simple   Pressure-velocity coupling
second order upwind pressure Spatial discretization
second order upwind momentum
second order upwind energy
Initialization for fluid flow around wavy tape simulation
Standard Initialization method
-0.0110334 m.s-1 z-velocity
293.15 K temperature

CFD Results

After the solution process, the 3D and 2D contours of pressure, temperature, velocity, 2D and 3D flow lines and 2D and 3D velocity vectors are obtained.

1 review for Fluid Flow Around a Wavy Tape in a Tube Simulation

  1. Chauncey Reichert

    What are the boundary conditions set for this simulation?

    • MR CFD Support

      The boundary conditions include the velocity inlet and pressure outlet. These are set based on the specifics of the tube design and the operating conditions.

  2. Dr. Colin Pollich

    What are the main factors affecting the heat transfer performance of a tube with a wavy tape?

    • MR CFD Support

      The main factors include the design of the tape (e.g., wave amplitude and frequency), the properties of the fluid (e.g., flow rate, temperature, and thermal properties), and the operating conditions.

  3. Aisha Anderson IV

    How does the wavy tape enhance heat transfer in the tube?

    • MR CFD Support

      The wavy tape disrupts the flow, creating turbulence and increasing the convective heat transfer. It also increases the contact surface area between the fluid and the tube, which further enhances heat transfer.

  4. Margaret

    Even though the inlet velocity magnitude of water is low ( 0.0110334 m/s), doesn’t the wavy tape inside the pipe cause turbulent flow?

  5. Dr. Lafayette Kuhn

    I have a keen interest in a simulation that involves an alternate tape design. Is it possible for you to facilitate this?

    • MR CFD Support

      Sure! We can help with simulations involving different tape designs. Please provide more details about your requirements, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

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