Solar Chimney Power Plants, CFD Validation by ANSYS Fluent

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In this project, we intend to simulate the solar chimney power plants to compare and validate the results with the results in the article.

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Solar Chimney Project Description

In this project, We simulated the model by Ansys Fluent software, and then we compare the results with the results extracted from an article called this “Effects of geometric parameters on the performance of the solar chimney power plants”.


First, the geometry of the test chamber in SolidWorks software is designed and the design modeler is prepared to create the mesh.

Duct Height Duct Diameter Collector Height

Collector Radius


4m 2m


Solar ChimneySolar Chimney

The meshing of this present model has been generated by ICEM CFD software. The mesh grid is fully structured with high element quality.

Solar ChimneySolar Chimney

To check the independence of the mesh and eliminate the error of the number of elements, it is necessary to lower the mesh so that our results are no longer affected by the number of grid elements. For this purpose, we first start with the element number 25000, and by doubling the number of elements, we examine the output speed of the pipe as a measure of independence from the mesh has taken.

Element Number Power Error(%)




2 4000000



3 6000000 80600



Solar Chimney CFD Simulation

To simulate the present model, several assumptions are considered, which are:

  • The solver is pressure-based.
  • Simulation has been done as steady State
  • The effect of gravity on the flow is considered to be -9.81 m.s-2.

The following is a summary of the steps for defining the problem and its solution.

Viscous k-epsilon
k-e model standard
Boundary conditions
inlet Pressure inlet
Pressure 0 pa
Temperature 308 K
outlet Pressure outlet
Pressure 0 pa
wall wall
Collector wall flux 600-800 w/m^2
Ground flux 0
Pressure-Velocity Coupling Simple
Pressure PRESTO
gradient Least squares cell-based
momentum second-order upwind
turbulent kinetic energy second-order upwind
specific dissipation rate second-order upwind
Initialization methods Standard
gauge pressure 0 Pascal
velocity 0 m.s-1
Material properties Standard
density 1.225  kg.m-3
viscosity 1.086*10^-6 kg.m-1.s-1
density Boussinesq


By comparing the simulation results with the results in the article, which have an error of less than 5%, it can be concluded that the simulation has been validated with the article.


Power- paper Power-simulation Flux 


80000 81020

800 w/m^2

-2.5 54500 53100

600 w/m^2


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  1. Charles Li

    Interesting work! I’m curious about the inlet / outlet velocity boundary condition. Can you let us know the setup?

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