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Two-Phase Flow on a Rough Surface CFD Simulation

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In this analysis, flow inside an open channel with roughness in its middle section is simulated.

This ANSYS Fluent project includes CFD simulation files and a training movie.

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Two-Phase Flow on a Rough Surface Project Description

In this analysis, the two-phase flow inside an open channel with roughness in its middle section is simulated. The water flow enters the channel with a mass flow rate of 32 Kg/s. The k-epsilon equation with scalable wall functions is used to solve and analyze fluid flow.

Geometry & Mesh

The geometry of this project is designed in ANSYS Design Modeler and meshed inside ANSYS Meshing software. The mesh type used for this geometry is a combination of structured and unstructured mesh near the rough geometry and the total number of elements is 245175.

rough surface rough surface

Two-Phase Flow on a Rough Surface CFD Simulation Settings

The key assumptions considered in this project are:

  • The present simulation and its results are considered to be steady and do not change as a function time.
  • The effect of gravity has been taken into account and is equal to -9.81 in Y direction.

The applied settings are recapitulated in the following table.

Analysis type
Option   Steady state
(Two-Phase Flow) Basic settings
Fluid and particle definition Air and water
Morphology Continuous fluid
Pressure Reference pressure 1 atm
Buoyancy model Gravity Y-axis. -9.81
Buoy. Ref. Density 1.185 Kg/m3
(Two-Phase Flow) Fluid models
Free surface model Standard
Turbulence Option k-epsilon
Wall function scalable
(Two-Phase Flow) Boundary conditions
Inlet Mass flow inlet
Gas Mass flow rate 32 kg/s
oil Water volume fraction 1
Opening Air volume fraction 1
Outlets Average static pressure
Relative pressure 0 Pa
Press. Profile Blend 0.05
Mass and momentum No slip wall
(Two-Phase Flow) Solver Control
Advection scheme High resolution
Turbulence numeric First order
Convergence criteria Residual type RMS
Residual target 1e-4
(Two-Phase Flow) Initialization
Initialization Option   Current solution data (if possible)


Different contours of velocity, pressure, water volume fraction, etc. are presented in 3D and 2D.

All files, including Geometry, Mesh, Case & Data, are available in Simulation File. By the way, Training File presents how to solve the problem and extract all desired results.


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