Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Gasifier, CFD Simulation ANSYS Fluent Training

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In this simulation, a simple CFB cycle has been simulated, and results obtained.

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Geometry, Mesh, and CFD Simulation methodologygy explanation, result analysis and conclusion
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Circulating Fluidized Bed Project Description

the Circulating Fluidized Bed gasifier is popular in industrial applications and academic studies because of its intrinsic advantages in high circulating rate, low operating temperature, broad fuel flexibility, and negligible pollutant emissions. In this simulation, a simple CFB cycle has been simulated, and results obtained.

The system consists of two inlets, a vertical inlet for oxidizer and a horizontal inlet for fuel; the air and fuel, after mixed, start flameless combustion in a vertical section and then enter the cyclone to separate unburned ashes as polluted air, unburn fuel circulates to bottom of the downstream section and enters the process again and heavy sands and ashes exit from the bottom outlet. The particle density function (PDF) has been used in this simulation to simulate solid dynamics.

Geometry & Mesh

The 3-D domain of this simulation has been designed in ANSYS Design Modeler.


The meshing of this present model has been generated by ANSYS Meshing software. The mesh grid is unstructured, and the total cell number is 1537941 elements. The figure below shows an overview of the performed mesh.





CFD Simulation

To simulate the present model, several assumptions are considered, which are:

  • The solver is pressure-based.
  • The effect of gravity on the flow has been considered
  • The hot zone wall model is considered a heat flux

The following is a summary of the steps for defining the problem and its solution.


k-epsilon Viscous model
Standard wall function Near -Wall treatment
Pressure based Solver
steady Timestep
Non – premixed combustion  Species model
Chemical equilibrium State relation
Non-adiabatic Energy treatment
P1 Radiation model
On Discrete phase model
Unsteady particle tracking Particle treatment
Combusting Injection type
On Energy
Boundary conditions
Velocity-inlet Air inlet
18 m/s Fluid inlet velocity
300 k Temperature
1 Internal emissivity
0 Soot mass fraction
0 Mean mixture fraction
0 Mixture fraction variance
Escape Discrete phase BC type
Velocity inlet Bio inlet
15 m/s Particle inlet velocity
330 k Temperature
1 Internal emissivity
0 Soot mass fraction
1 Mean mixture fraction
0 Mixture fraction variance
Escape Discrete phase BC type
Pressure outlet Cyclone outlet
0 Supersonic gage pressure
Pressure outlet Qr outlet
-120w heat flux
wall Q2 wall
stationary wall wall motion
heat flux Thermal condition
250 w heat flux
wall   wall
stationary wall wall motion
Non Thermal condition

Circulating Fluidized Bed Results

The simulation results show that the ignition of the fuel-air mixture in the vertical chamber and the hot gases resulting from the ignition is cooled in the cyclone and the second chamber, and the polluting gases of the maximum face are also examined. Unburned materials are separated inside the cyclone and re-entered the combustion process.

The counter below shows pressure, temperature, and gas volume fraction.


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