Pouring Water out of a Bottle Simulation, Ansys Fluent Training

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In this project, the Pouring Water out of a Bottle has been simulated and the results of this simulation have been investigated.

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Project Description

In this project, Ansys Fluent software has been used for numerical simulation of pouring water out of the bottle. The Eulerian model has been used to simulate and solve the two-phase flow field equations. The Eulerian multiphase model in ANSYS FLUENT allows for the modeling of multiple separate yet interacting phases. The phases can be liquids, gases, or solids in nearly any combination.

Geometry & Mesh

The 2-D geometry of the present model is generated using SpaceClaim software.


The meshing of the present model has been done using Ansys Meshing software. The mesh type is unstructured in all of the computational domains, and the element number is equal to 150,642.


Pouring water CFD Simulation Settings:

We consider several assumptions to simulate the present model:

  1. Due to the incompressibility of the flow, the pressure-based solver method has been selected.
  2. The simulation is transient.
  3. The gravity effect is considered equal to -9.81 m.s-2 on Y-axis

The K-epsilon Standard viscous model with Standard wall function has been used to solve the turbulent flow equations. The pressure-velocity coupling scheme is SIMPLE. The second-order upwind discretization method has been used for Momentum, Turbulent kinetic energy, and Turbulent dissipation rate.

The boundary conditions and their details are shown in the figure below.


The following tables represent a summary of the defining steps of the problem in this project and its solution:

Model Eulerian
Eulerian parameters Multi-Fluid VOF model
Number of Eulerian phases 2(air & water)
Interface modeling Sharp
Formulation Explicit
Primary phase air
Secondary phase water
k-epsilon Standard
Near wall treatment Standard wall functions
Material Properties
Density 1.225
viscosity 1.7894e-05
Density 998.2
viscosity 0.001003
Boundary conditions
Outlet Pressure outlet
Pressure-Velocity Coupling SIMPLE
Pressure PRESTO
Momentum Second-order upwind
Turbulent kinetic energy Second-order upwind
Turbulent dissipation rate Second-order upwind
Volume fraction Compressive
Initialization methods Hybrid
Patch Phase water
  Variable Volume Fraction
Zones to patch water
Value 1
Run calculation
Time step size 0.0025
Max iterations/time step 20
Number of time steps 3708

Pouring Water Results

After the solution process is completed, contours of water velocity, Pressure, water volume fraction, and Eddy viscosity are extracted. As can be seen, under the influence of gravity, the water inside the bottle starts to flow, and it discharges to another empty container and fills it.

1 review for Pouring Water out of a Bottle Simulation, Ansys Fluent Training

  1. Avatar Of Lera Nader

    Lera Nader

    The detailed breakdown of the water pouring simulation settings is incredible! It’s really comprehensive and sounds like it’s been meticulously set up to reproduce a highly accurate representation of water outflow behavior.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We are thrilled to hear that you found our simulation to be accurate and comprehensive. We aim to provide detailed and high-quality simulations to help users like you understand complex fluid dynamics. Your appreciation is greatly valued, and we look forward to continuing to offer you the best learning experiences with our products.

  2. Avatar Of Lada


    Could you explain to me what is “Eddy viscosity”? I really appreciate it.

  3. Avatar Of Wilford Lebsack

    Wilford Lebsack

    Fantastic tutorial! The Eulerian multiphase model explanation was clear, and I successfully carried out the water pouring simulation from start to finish. The step-by-step setup process and the logical explanation of each phase and boundary conditions really helped me get it right the first time!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your positive feedback! We’re delighted to hear that our tutorial on water pouring using Ansys Fluent was helpful and that you could apply the Eulerian multiphase model effectively. Your success is very gratifying to us, and it motivates us to continue providing detailed and user-friendly instructional content. If you need further assistance or have any more queries, feel free to reach out!

  4. Avatar Of Diamond Hills

    Diamond Hills

    The detailed project walkthrough was quite insightful. I particularly appreciated the choice to use an Eulerian multiphase model to represent the water pouring dynamics accurately. It’s clear that a great deal of thought went into the selection of solvers and discretization methods—namely, the SIMPLE scheme for pressure-velocity coupling and second-order upwind for momentum and turbulence, ensuring a good balance between accuracy and computational efficiency. Watching the water dynamics as it exited the bottle and filled another container simulated the real-world phenomenon admirably and reinforced my understanding of fluid behavior in such interactive systems.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your kind words and appreciation! We are thrilled to hear that you found our detailed walkthrough insightful and that our selection of modeling and simulation strategies has deepened your understanding of fluid dynamics in interactive systems. We strive to provide accurate and efficient simulations that help our customers validate their hypotheses and get a close representation of real-world scenarios. If you have any further questions or need assistance with another project, feel free to reach out to us!

  5. Avatar Of Marcellus Turner Dds

    Marcellus Turner DDS

    I’m impressed with the details of the simulation for the pouring water out of a bottle project. The application of the Eulerian multiphase model seems ingenious for such fluid interactions. I’m particularly curious about the real-world applicability of the simulation—can it be applied to optimize bottling processes in factories?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Absolutely! The simulation provides valuable insights into the dynamics of fluid behavior when pouring. Such information can indeed be applied in an industrial setting, specifically to optimize bottling processes, reducing spillage, and improving efficiency during filling operations. The precision and accuracy of CFD simulations facilitate the design of bottle shapes, nozzle designs, and pouring mechanisms to ensure a smoother flow and less waste. Additionally, these studies can help in determining optimal filling speeds and necessary adjustments for different liquid viscosities to maximize productivity and sustainability in production lines.

  6. Avatar Of Ms. Ivy Stehr

    Ms. Ivy Stehr

    I’m deeply impressed by the multitude of details and the precision with which this simulation was executed. The granularity of the Eulerian multiphase model captures the complex interactions between the phases superbly. The visualization of this dynamic process must be quite enlightening, especially with the sharp interface modeling and comprehensive boundary condition settings providing clear insight into the fluid behavior.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your kind words! We are delighted to hear that our Pouring Water out of a Bottle Simulation has met your expectations. It’s always our goal to provide detailed and accurate simulations that enable a deeper understanding of fluid dynamics. We’re thrilled you found the visualization insightful. If you have any more feedback or need further information, feel free to reach out!

  7. Avatar Of Billy Nienow

    Billy Nienow

    This training was incredibly detailed and easy to follow. I am impressed with how the simulation of pouring water mimicked real-life fluid behavior. The results were well presented and comprehensive.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for the positive feedback! We are delighted to hear that our training exceeded your expectations and that the realistic simulation provided you with clear and comprehensive results.

  8. Avatar Of Piper Farrell V

    Piper Farrell V

    I am thoroughly impressed with how well the simulation of pouring water out of a bottle has been portrayed in Ansys Fluent. The detail in the meshing and setup showcase the dedication of the MR CFD team.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your feedback! We’re pleased to hear that our dedication to accuracy and detail in the Ansys Fluent simulation was apparent. Our team strives to provide valuable and high-quality educational content.

  9. Avatar Of Kennedy Botsford

    Kennedy Botsford

    This training helped me understand multiphase flow simulations in a detailed scenario like water pouring. The setup description is very thorough. Could an even finer mesh improve result accuracy for such simulations?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Indeed, using a finer mesh may potentially improve the accuracy of the results by capturing flow details more precisely. Finer meshes often better resolve the boundary layer and the interface between phases, but they also increase computational cost. It’s crucial to find a balance between accuracy and computational efficiency when choosing your mesh resolution.

  10. Avatar Of Miss Alysa Bednar Iii

    Miss Alysa Bednar III

    The explanation of the pouring water simulation is very clear. Great job on showcasing the impact of solver settings in such a thorough way!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your kind words! We’re pleased to hear you found the simulation details and the illustration of the solver settings comprehensive and helpful. If you need any further information or have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your feedback!

  11. Avatar Of Elenora Hansen

    Elenora Hansen

    I’m really impressed by how this simulation captures the fluid dynamics of pouring water. The level of detail in the results showcases the capabilities of Ansys Fluent for real-world applications. Well done!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your compliments! We’re glad to hear that you appreciate the effort and detail that went into this simulation project using Ansys Fluent. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out.

  12. Avatar Of Prince Cormier

    Prince Cormier

    I found the explanation of the multiphase model and the boundary condition setup particularly helpful. The step-by-step setup made it easier to follow through with my own project.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your positive feedback! We’re delighted to hear that our detailed description of the multiphase model and boundary condition setup was useful for your project. If you have any further questions or need assistance with another project, please let us know.

  13. Avatar Of Rory Kilback V

    Rory Kilback V

    I just wanted to say that I’m super impressed with the Pouring Water out of a Bottle Simulation training using Ansys Fluent. The detailed explanation of the physics underlying the simulation, the meticulous treatment of multiple phases, and precise mesh generation all come together to create an incredibly useful learning tool. The setup and interpretation of results are laid out clearly, making it easy to understand even complex aspects. Great work!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your kind words! We’re really pleased to hear that you found the Pouring Water out of a Bottle simulation training valuable and easy to understand. It’s great to know that the detailed process and results were helpful to you. If you have any more questions or need further assistance in your learning journey, feel free to reach out!

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