Airflow on the Dimpled Rotating Cylinder CFD Simulation

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  • The problem numerically simulates Airflow on the Dimpled Rotating Cylinder using ANSYS Fluent software.
  • We design the 3-D model with the Design Modeler software.
  • We mesh the model with ANSYS Meshing software, and the element number equals 1064903.
  • We use the Frame Motion method to define the rotational movement.
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Airflow on the Dimpled Rotating Cylinder CFD Simulation, ANSYS Fluent Training

The problem is going to simulate airflow on the Dimpled Rotating Cylinder by ANSYS Fluent software.

A cylindrical object is placed in the channel. The airflow enters the rectangular channel at a horizontal velocity of 0.45 m / s, and it collides with the cylindrical body.

The cylindrical body rotates at an angular velocity of 20 radians per second (rad/s) around the central axis; thus, the moving wall must be defined.

Therefore, the fluid simulation area is divided into two parts, which include the rotating area (having a cylinder with a constant angular velocity) and the area of the fluid (the inner space of the rectangular channel other than the cylinder).

The cylinder wall has dimples whose protruding position is on the inside of the cylinder and whose recess is on the outside of the cylinder.

The aim is to investigate the pressure distribution and rotational phenomena around a rotating cylindrical wall. Therefore, the presence of dimples on the cylinder surface affects fluid behavior.

The geometry of the present model is three-dimensional and is designed using SOLIDWORKS software. The meshing of the present model has been done using ANSYS Meshing software. The mesh type is unstructured and the element number is equal to 1064903.

Dimpled Methodology

Hence, by creating a cylindrical wall in the form of an interface (a common surface between two areas that allows fluid to flow through its boundary), a special flow area in the form of a hollow cylinder around the wall creates a rotating cylinder; thus, the Frame Motion method is used to simulate the internal cylinder area created at the same speed as the angle of rotation of the main cylinder.

Dimpled Conclusion

At the end of the solution process, we obtain contours of pressure, velocity, and turbulence kinetic energy. Using the MRF method, we can assume the cylinder to be constant and the wind flows around the cylinder to be rotating at the same rotational speed of 20 rad/s around the central axis of the cylinder.

The contours show the velocity and pressure distributions in the domain well.


  1. Avatar Of Benny Stark Md

    Benny Stark MD

    Thank you for your training and dear professor.

  2. Avatar Of Marcel Carroll

    Marcel Carroll

    Thank you very much for your good training. I found many answers to my questions in your teachings.

  3. Avatar Of Chadd Dickinson

    Chadd Dickinson

    Super impressed by the details covered in this CFD course! It really delves deep into the dynamics of airflows impacting a rotating cylinder. How robust is the mesh technology to accurately capture the nuanced effects of dimples on fluid behavior? Also, love learning about the Frame Motion method used to simulate the cylinder’s movement.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re thrilled to know that you found the course details impressive and educational. To answer your question, our meshing technology is highly advanced, and it accurately captures the effects of dimples on the fluid behavior by generating an unstructured mesh with fine enough resolution around the dimples. This ensures that we can closely simulate the impact of the dimples on the airflow pattern around the rotating cylinder. Good to hear that you found the Frame Motion method insightful. It’s such interactions that make training with ANSYS Fluent so valuable!

  4. Avatar Of Donavon Keebler

    Donavon Keebler

    The training was complete and at a high level. Thanks for your excellent site

  5. Avatar Of Ms. Piper Lemke

    Ms. Piper Lemke

    I thoroughly enjoyed the meticulous detail provided in the ‘Airflow on the Dimpled Rotating Cylinder CFD Simulation.’ The application of ANSYS Fluent in this kind of complex simulation is fascinating, and the explained methodology and conclusions provide deep insights into the aerodynamic properties you analyzed. Excellent training material for understanding the effects of surface dimples on rotational mechanical parts!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your positive feedback on our ‘Airflow on the Dimpled Rotating Cylinder CFD Simulation.’ We are delighted that you found the provided details and insights beneficial for understanding aerodynamic effects in complex simulations. We appreciate your compliments on our training materials and are glad you had an enjoyable learning experience. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

  6. Avatar Of Eryn Reinger

    Eryn Reinger

    Can this simulation be customized to model the airflow around other types of rotating objects?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Yes, we can accommodate your desired simulations. Please share more details about your specific requirements.

  7. Avatar Of Ms. Jana Bergnaum Jr.

    Ms. Jana Bergnaum Jr.

    I’m impressed by the detailed explanation of the simulation of airflow on a dimpled rotating cylinder. Great to see how advanced CFD tools can model complex interactions between airflow and rotating surfaces with specific textures like dimples. The utilisation of software to create an intricate mesh for precise simulations really pushes the boundaries of aerodynamic analysis.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your kind words! We’re glad to hear that you found the CFD simulation on the dimpled rotating cylinder informative and that the complex nature of the interactions has been both accurately captured and well-received. Your appreciation for the meshing work and the intricacies of the aerodynamic analysis is truly valued. If you need further insights or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

  8. Avatar Of Giovani Monahan

    Giovani Monahan

    What is the benefit of using CFD for analyzing the airflow around a rotating cylinder?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      CFD allows for detailed analysis of the airflow, providing insights into the aerodynamic phenomena that cannot be easily obtained through experiments.

  9. Avatar Of Delia Ankunding

    Delia Ankunding

    I’m impressed with the detail in the simulation of airflow on the dimpled rotating cylinder. How does the presence of dimples influence the pressure distribution and air behavior compared to a smooth cylinder?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      The presence of dimples on the cylinder creates a unique flow pattern around the body, influencing the pressure distribution and the air behavior by enhancing turbulent flow and reducing drag. This effect is different from that of a smooth cylinder, W h ere boundary layers and flow separation points differ due to the smoother surface.

  10. Avatar Of Ray Kerluke

    Ray Kerluke

    I was really impressed by the detail provided for the airflow on the dimpled rotating cylinder simulation, particularly about how the presence of dimples affects the fluid behavior. Great use of the Frame Motion method to simulate the rotation!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your kind words! We’re delighted to hear that you appreciated the simulation’s intricacies and the methodology applied. It’s our goal to ensure users like you gain valuable insights from our CFD simulations. If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to reach out!

  11. Avatar Of Mrs. Eloise Prohaska Phd

    Mrs. Eloise Prohaska PhD

    What specific effects do the dimples have on fluid behavior around the cylinder?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      The dimples create turbulence in the airflow around the rotating cylinder, which can result in a change in pressure distribution and potentially reduce drag. The contours of pressure, velocity, and turbulence kinetic energy obtained from the simulation help to visualize and understand these effects.

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