Spillway (2-D & Transient) CFD Simulation, Two-Phase Flow, ANSYS Fluent Training

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In this project, the two-phase flow of water and air flowing over an ogee spillway is simulated.

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Spillway (2-D & Transient) CFD Simulation, Two-Phase Flow

Project description

If any obstacle is placed on the path of the fluid flow, it causes the fluid level to rise behind it and increase its velocity, which eventually leads to fluid overflowing over the obstacle. These obstacles are regarded as spillways. spillways have different uses depending on their shape and are mostly used in civil engineering. In this project, the two-phase flow of water and air flowing over an ogee spillway is simulated by ANSYS Fluent software. The water will enter the computational domain with a mass flow rate of 0.05 kg/s and it flows over the spillway. The standard k-epsilon model is exploited to solve fluid flow equations and the VOF multiphase model is used to investigate the motion and interaction of the existing phases.

The geometry of this model is designed in ANSYS design modeler® and is meshed in ANSYS meshing®. The mesh type used for this geometry is structured and the total element number is 12846.

SpillwaySpillwaySpillway Methodology

The simulation is performed in transient form in order to see the fluid motion over the spillway. Also, K-epsilon standard turbulence model is employed. The Volume of Fluid (VOF) multiphase model is used to model the phase, including the air and water-liquid.

Spillway Results

After the simulation process The contours of pressure, velocity, phases volume fraction, etc. are extracted and presented.

You can obtain Geometry & Mesh file and a comprehensive Training Movie that presents how to solve the problem and extract all desired results.


  1. Avatar Of Lonie Cremin

    Lonie Cremin

    I’m impressed with the simulation! Does the Training Movie provide guidance on how to interpret the extracted contours and their significance in a real-life engineering context?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Yes, the Training Movie walks you through the entire process. It will help you understand the significance of the extracted contours in relation to the overall spillway performance. Insights from the contours can be invaluable in optimizing design and ensuring stability in civil engineering projects.

  2. Avatar Of Prof. Damien Towne

    Prof. Damien Towne

    I just finished the Spillway CFD training, and I was quite impressed with the clarity of the instructions. The step-by-step guide made it easy to follow and replicate the results. The inclusion of the VOF model for the multiphase flow simulation allowed for a very realistic representation of water and air interactions over the spillway. Well done on creating a very comprehensive and understandable learning product!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re thrilled to hear that you found the Spillway CFD training comprehensive and easy to follow. It’s fantastic to know that our instructions provided clarity and enabled you to effectively use the VOF model for your multiphase flow simulations. Your success with the product is very encouraging for our team. If you need more assistance or have further interest in exploring other topics, we’d be delighted to support your learning journey.

  3. Avatar Of Trenton Dicki

    Trenton Dicki

    Does the course material include guidelines on how to interpret the fluid motion results from the contours obtained after the simulation?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Yes, the course material provides comprehensive training, including guidance on how to interpret fluid motion and analyze the results through the contours generated in the simulation.

  4. Avatar Of Terrill Williamson Iv

    Terrill Williamson IV

    The description mentions the use of a standard k-epsilon model. Could you clarify when it is appropriate to use this turbulence model for a spillway simulation over more advanced turbulence models?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      In spillway simulations where the flow is expected to be highly turbulent with moderate Reynolds numbers, a standard k-epsilon model is often sufficient due to its robustness, simplicity, and limited computational cost. This model is most appropriate when accurate prediction of boundary layer characteristics is not critical. For more complex flow situations with significant anisotropy, curvature, or separation, more advanced models may be required.

  5. Avatar Of Camylle Jacobi

    Camylle Jacobi

    What features of the ogee spillway make it particularly suitable for the type of simulation performed in this CFD analysis?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      The ogee spillway shape is particularly suitable for the CFD simulation because it has a well-defined profile that dissipates energy and reduces erosion downstream effectively. This geometry is efficient in terms of passing floodwater, leading to more predictable flow characteristics that facilitate accurate modeling and analysis.

  6. Avatar Of Anita Jenkins Sr.

    Anita Jenkins Sr.

    The use of structured meshing is interesting. Is structured meshing more effective for this type of simulation, and in what ways does it benefit the simulation results?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Structured meshing is known for providing a higher level of control and consistency in the grid, which can lead to more accurate and stable results in simulations involving fluid dynamics. For this type of simulation, involving the flow over a spillway, structured meshing is effective as it captures the boundary layers more efficiently and results in less numerical diffusion around the geometry of the spillway.

  7. Avatar Of Fredy Lebsack

    Fredy Lebsack

    I just completed the Spillway CFD simulation training and was quite impressed with the realism and the detailed explanation of multiphase flow challenges. The VOF method provided clear visualization of water-air interaction over the spillway.

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      We are thrilled to hear that our Spillway CFD simulation training met your expectations and provided you with a valuable learning experience. It’s especially great to know that the VOF method enhanced your understanding of multiphase flow dynamics. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback!

  8. Avatar Of Niko Stracke Dvm

    Niko Stracke DVM

    The training for the ogee spillway simulation using ANSYS Fluent seems comprehensive. I particularly enjoyed the transient analysis aspect and the inclusion of the VOF model. The detailed videos made the complex interaction between the water and air phases much clearer. Having the structured mesh pre-setup was very convenient, and following the steps to extract the results gave me confidence in performing my own simulations. Great job!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We’re thrilled to hear that our training on ogee spillway simulation was beneficial to you and that the instructional materials, including the videos, helped you understand the complex physics at play. It’s great to know that the pre-setup mesh and tutorial supported you in conducting your own simulations with confidence. We’re always here to provide high-quality learning products and assist with any further computational fluid dynamics needs you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need more assistance or resources.

  9. Avatar Of Dr. Patrick Towne Md

    Dr. Patrick Towne MD

    The training movie sounds helpful. Does it cover the setup of the multiphase model and how to interpret the fluid interaction results?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Yes, the training movie includes detailed instructions on setting up the Volume of Fluid (VOF) multiphase model in ANSYS Fluent, as well as guidance on how to interpret results related to fluid interactions and phase volume fractions to get a thorough understanding of the spillway flow dynamics.

  10. Avatar Of Gerardo Stehr

    Gerardo Stehr

    The spillway simulation presented is very detailed. I’m particularly impressed by the incorporation of the VOF model and k-epsilon turbulence model to accurately capture the two-phase flow dynamics of water and air. Great work in providing insights into civil engineering applications!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your kind words about our Spillway CFD Simulation training! We strive to ensure our simulations are as detailed and accurate as possible. We’re glad you appreciated the approach and found the insights into civil engineering applications valuable. If you have any further questions or need assistance with another project, feel free to reach out.

  11. Avatar Of Dr. Pat Jast

    Dr. Pat Jast

    I’m interested in the training. Does the package include details on how to set up the simulation from scratch?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Yes, the package includes a detailed Training Movie that will guide you through the entire process of setting up the simulation in ANSYS Fluent. From defining the geometry to extracting the results, everything you need to learn is provided.

  12. Avatar Of Cleta Spinka

    Cleta Spinka

    I appreciate how the training demonstrates the overflow process over an ogee spillway using the VOF multiphase model. Will this training also include details on troubleshooting convergence issues that can occur with two-phase flow simulations?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your positive feedback about our training material. Yes, our comprehensive training materials cover not only the setup and solution process but also include insights on troubleshooting convergence issues specific to multiphase flow simulations, ensuring a smooth and informative learning experience.

  13. Avatar Of Ms. Yolanda Wilderman Phd

    Ms. Yolanda Wilderman PhD

    I’m impressed with the training movie provided – it really helped me understand the spillway simulation process!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your kind words! We are delighted to hear that the training movie was useful and helped you understand the spillway simulation with ANSYS Fluent. If you ever have more questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  14. Avatar Of Trystan Nolan

    Trystan Nolan

    Are the results of the spillway two-phase flow simulation presented in both 2D and 3D views?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      The results of the spillway two-phase flow simulation are presented using contours, which typically are visual representations of two-dimensional data. In most cases like this, it’s confined to 2D unless specified otherwise. The training materials provided will guide you on how to solve the problem and extract all desired results, which could potentially include different views if the simulation was set up for them.

  15. Avatar Of Catharine Bauch Sr.

    Catharine Bauch Sr.

    I’m really impressed with the level of detail in the Spillway CFD simulations. The inclusion of two-phase flow modelling has been very insightful for our practical applications in civil engineering!

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your kind words! We’re thrilled to hear that our Spillway CFD simulation has provided valuable insights for your engineering applications. We strive to offer detailed and accurate modelling that can be directly applied in real-world scenarios. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we look forward to continuing to support your work with high-quality simulations.

  16. Avatar Of Carolyne Hammes

    Carolyne Hammes

    I am impressed with the detail of results shown in the ogee spillway simulation project. Seeing the volume fraction and pressure contours helps to understand the complex interactions at play. The training materials appear robust—do the provided resources also cover how to interpret these results in a real-world engineering context?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Thank you for your kind words! Yes, the provided training materials include guidance on how to interpret the simulation results within a real-world engineering context, ensuring that users not only know how to perform the simulations but also how to apply their findings effectively in practice.

  17. Avatar Of Stan Nikolaus

    Stan Nikolaus

    The training movie provided with the spillway project sounds very useful. Does it cover how to review and interpret the results for pressure and velocity contours?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      We’re happy to hear that you find value in our training resources. The comprehensive training movie included in the Spillway CFD Simulation training package is indeed structured to guide you through not just solving the problem but also includes detailed instructions on how to review and interpret various result contours such as pressure, velocity, and phases volume fraction. By the end of the movie, you should be well-equipped to analyze these result contours on your own.

  18. Avatar Of Modesto Lockman

    Modesto Lockman

    Does the training movie clearly explain how to set up and work with the two-phase flow model in the spillway simulation?

    • Avatar Of Mr Cfd Support

      MR CFD Support

      Yes, the training movie provides detailed instructions on how to properly set up the two-phase flow model using the VOF technique, ensuring users understand the interactions between the air and water phases over the spillway.

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