Airflow Modeling over a Flying Bird, CFD Simulation


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Airflow Modeling over a Flying Bird, ANSYS Fluent CFD Simulation Training

In this project, we aim to investigate airflow modeling over a flying bird. The aerodynamic analysis could be inspiring for engineers to design more practical wings with better performance.


The pressure-based solver is used because the working fluid (air) is incompressible. Also, the k-epsilon Realizable two-equation turbulence model is hired in order to capture the probable flow complexities and wakes.


In this project, we investigated the airflow passing over a bird. the shapes of birds are in a way that it reduces the separation of the boundary layer, and enhance the lift generation so that the bird can fly through the air with the least effort. Based on the obtained data, the pressure distribution on the top surface of the wing (airfoil) is less than the pressure on the bottom face, due to the velocity of airflow being larger than that of the bottom surface. This pressure distribution will trigger the generation of lift force on the bird’s wings.

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