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Bluff-Body Mild Burner CFD Simulation

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This project is the CFD simulation of combustion in a bluff-body mild burner.


This ANSYS Fluent project includes CFD simulation files and training movies.

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Project Description (Bluff-Body Mild Burner)

This project is the CFD simulation of combustion in a bluff-body mild burner. In fact, a burner is a device that combines a certain amount of air with fuel in a safe space, converting fuel energy into heat energy, which also produces some gas as a result of this combustion process. The flame produced in the burner is transmitted to the interior of the chamber by two methods of convection and radiation. Therefore, the Radiation model should also be used in the present model. Also, since the combustion process takes place within the combustion chamber, the Species Transport model is also used.

The way this burner works is that the fuel is sprayed through a special jet inlet into the chamber, and the gas flows symmetrically into the chamber in four directions, thus combining the fuel and air form the flame. Also, the operating system of the enclosure is that the gas flow path inside the chamber is cyclic and some of it exits the exhaust section and another part of it returns to the enclosure from the same circular path.



There are several assumptions used for the present simulation:

The simulation is Steady-State, the solver is Pressure-Based, and the gravity effect is ignored.

Geometry & Mesh (Bluff-Body Mild Burner)

The 3-D geometry of the present model is designed by the Design Modeler software. Since the present model has a symmetrical structure, only one part of it is drawn at an angle of 90 degrees, and the two lateral surfaces of the present section act as symmetry boundaries. The model consists of three pipes with a small diameter called inlet ducts (two air inlet and one fuel inlet pipe) and one outlet pipe with a small diameter (exhaust).

The meshing of the present model is performed by ANSYS Meshing software. The mesh was unstructured and the element number was 1107286. In the inlet and outlet sections, the boundary layer mesh is used to increase the accuracy of fluid behavior.


CFD Simulation

Here are some summaries of the problem definition and problem-solving steps in the table:

Models (Bluff-Body Mild Burner)
k-epsilonViscous model
Realizablek-epsilon model
enhanced wall functionnear-wall treatment
non-premixed combustionEspecies model
discrete ordinateRadiation model
Boundary conditions (Bluff-Body Mild Burner)
Velocity inletInlet type
2 m.s-1Velocity magnitudeair
300 Ktemperature
1Internal emissivity
0Pollutant NO mass fraction
0mean mixture fraction
0mixture fraction variance
1 m.s-1Velocity magnitudefuel
300 Ktemperature
1Internal emissivity
0Pollutant NO mass fraction
1mean mixture fraction
0mixture fraction variance
Pressure outletOutlet type
0 Pagauge pressureexhaust
1Internal emissivity
0Pollutant NO mass fraction
0mean mixture fraction
0mixture fraction variance
wallWalls type
0 W.m-2heat fluxouter wall
1Internal emissivity
opaqueBC type
Solution Methods (Bluff-Body Mild Burner)
coupledPressure-velocity coupling
PRESTOpressureSpatial discretization
second order upwindmomentum
second order upwindenergy
second order upwindturbulent kinetic energy
second order upwindturbulent dissipation rate
second order upwindpollutant no
second order upwinddiscrete ordinates
second order upwindmean mixture fraction
second order upwindmixture fraction variance
Initialization (Bluff-Body Mild Burner)
HybridInitialization method


All files, including Geometry, Mesh, Case & Data, are available in Simulation File. By the way, Training File presents how to solve the problem and extract all desired results.


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