Open Channel with a Side Outlet CFD Simulation, ANSYS Fluent Tutorial

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  • The problem numerically simulates Open Channel with a Side Outlet using ANSYS Fluent software.
  • We design the 3-D model by the Gambit software.
  • We Mesh the model by ANSYS Meshing software, and the element number equals 178093.
  • We use the VOF Multi-Phase model to define two phases of air and water.
  • The Free Surface Level is used to determine the water’s height in the channel.

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Geometry, Mesh, and CFD Simulation methodologygy explanation, result analysis and conclusion
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This simulation is about an open channel with a side outlet via ANSYS Fluent software. We perform this CFD project and investigate it by CFD analysis.

Open channel is waterways channels, or artificial waterways, for water conveyance or service water transport vehicles. They may also help with irrigation. It can be thought of as an artificial version of a river.

Nowadays, the use of canals in the industry has received much attention in applications, including air ducts and water transmissions. The shape and dimensions of the channels also largely depend on their uses.

This analysis investigates the flow inside an open channel, which has a 180-degree bend, with a side outlet.

The water enters the canal with a mass flow rate of 45Kg/s, and in the middle of the bent section, the obstacles will reduce the flow pressure and guide a portion of entered water to the side outlet for irrigation of a farm.

The geometry of the present model is drawn by Gambit software. The model is then meshed by ANSYS Meshing software. The model mesh is unstructured, and 178093 cells have been created.

Open Channel Method

This simulation uses the multi-phase model for modeling two phases of air and water. Since the phase separation boundary is completely distinct, the Volume of Fluid (VOF) model is used.

Also, since there is a certain level of water at the entrance of this canal, it is necessary to determine the free surface level. This means that water flow enters the canal up to 0.15 m of the water, with air above it.

Open Channel Conclusion

After simulation, the contours of velocity, pressure, and volume fraction of water and air are obtained. The pressure contour shows that the lower part of the channel has high pressure because it has a water flow up to a certain level.

Also, the contour of the mass fraction of air and water correctly shows that water flows in the lower level of the channel and air flows above it.


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