Radiation Model Concepts in ANSYS Fluent


  • Introduction to Radiation Heat Transfer Concepts
  • Introduction to Radiative Transport Equation (RTE)
  • Studying different Radiation Models in ANSYS Fluent
  • Rosseland Radiation Model
  • P1 Radiation Model
  • Surface-to-Surface (S2S) Radiation Model
  • Discrete Ordinates (DO) Radiation Model
  • Discrete Transfer Radiation Model (DTRM)
  • Monte Carlo (MC) Radiation Model

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Introduction to Radiation Models Concepts

This video aims to talk about Radiation Model Concepts. In this lesson, you will first see a general introduction to the radiation model and an overview of available different radiation models in ANSYS Fluent.

This section contains the following subsections:

  • Description of heat transfer and its different methods including conduction, convection, radiation
  • A comprehensive description of radiation heat transfer (the exact definition of the heat transfer method, applications, characteristics and specifications, related relations, and related concepts)
  • Description of essential and practical expressions in radiation:
  1. black body
  2. gray radiation or non-gray radiation
  3. emissivity
  4. irradiation and accordingly absorptivity, reflectivity, transmitivity
  5. view factor
  6. optical thickness
  7. refractive index
  8. participating effect
  • Introduction of radiation module in Ansys Fluent software and different methods of the radiation model
  • Description of the radiative transport equation (RTE)

We introduce different radiation model methods in Ansys Fluent software in full detail. We describe these radiation models in terms of concept and mechanism and compare them in terms of advantages and limitations. These radiation models are:

  • Rosseland
  • P1
  • Discrete Transfer Radiation Model (DTRM)
  • Surface to Surface (S2S)
  • Discrete Ordinates (DO)
  • Monte Carlo (MC)

This CFD Project is the 1st episode of the Radiation Model Training Course.


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