Petrochemical Engineering

What is Petrochemical Engineering?

Petrochemical engineering is a branch of Chemical Engineering that deals with operations involved in refining petroleum or crude oil using advanced technology and is concerned with the activities related to the production of Hydrocarbons. This field also includes the extraction of crude petroleum obtained from the earth’s core. Petrochemical engineers exploit the mechanism and techniques involved in exploring, producing, and using oil or natural gases.


CFD simulation in Petrochemical Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a powerful way of modeling fluid flow, heat transfer, and related processes for a wide range of significant scientific and engineering problems. Unlike experiments that only permit data to be extracted at a limited number of locations in the system (e.g., pressure and temperature probes, heat flux gauges, etc.), CFD allows the analyst to examine a large number of places in the region of interest and yields a comprehensive set of flow parameters for examination., CFD provides the ability to simulate any physical condition theoretically. Increasing demand for energy resulted in the exploration of more sources and subsequent expansion of drilling activities worldwide.

Any improvement in good planning, drilling, and production operations can significantly save the operators. Therefore, it is crucial to have an idea and develop an efficient strategy in the case of experimentally expensive and unpredictable oil and gas wells operation in advance. CFD has an essential role in petrochemical engineering applications such as studying the optimization of bit performance, convective heat transfer between casings and annular fluids, flow in porous media like mud filtrate invasion, simulation of multi-phase flow for designing separators, cement displacement, erosion prediction, risk analysis during blowout event, optimization of drilling hydraulics and hole cleaning, wellbore stability analysis, cutting transport in the wellbore and modeling flow through whole oil and gas wells.


MR-CFD Petrochemical Engineering Services

With several years of experience simulating a wide range of problems in various CFD fields using Fluent software, the MR-CFD team is ready to offer extensive modeling, meshing, and simulation services. Simulation Services for Petrochemical engineering are categorized as follows:

  • CFD Simulation of Reactor design
  • CFD Simulation of reacting liquid/gas flows
  • Chemical reaction CFD simulation (combustion, NOx removal, …)
  • CFD Simulation of orifice and fluid measurements
  • Multiphase CFD simulation (gas-liquid separators, sedimentation, …)
  •  Chemical species transport CFD Simulation
  • CFD Simulation of solidification and melting
  • CFD Simulation of Mixers

You may find the related products in the categories mentioned above in our CFD shop by clicking on the following link:

Our services are not limited to the mentioned subjects. The MR-CFD team is ready to undertake different and challenging projects in the Petrochemical engineering field ordered by our customers. You can consult with our experts freely and without charge at first, and then order your project by sending the problem details to us using the following address.

[email protected]

By entrusting your project to the MR-CFD team, you will not only receive the related project’s files (Geometry, Mesh, Fluent files). Also, you will be provided with an extensive tutorial video demonstrating how you can create the geometry, mesh, and define the needed settings in the Fluent software all by yourself. And these all come with post-technical support from the MR-CFD team.

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