Renewable Energy
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Renewable Energy

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation services for Fluid Mechanics and Renewable energies for engineering students

wind turbine
BRUECK, GERMANY – JUNE 08: In this aerial view wind turbines spin on June 8, 2016 near Brueck, Germany. Germany is investing heavily in renewable energy sources, including wind farms and solar fields, in an effort to cut climate warming emissions and replace nuclear power. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Our organization always appreciates environmentally friendly activities. The global demand for energy is increasing as a consequence of industrial development and population growth. Dependence on fossil carbon-based energy with greenhouse gasses emissions causes major environmental problems.
Thus, we should widely encourage sustainable energies to use because they are available without any expenditure. And most importantly, helps us reduce greenhouse gasses emissions and causes minimal environmental damage. Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, bioenergy, hydropower, and ocean energy are different types of renewable energies.
To make appropriate predictions, and investigate the process of using and implementing renewable energies in different applications, CFD simulations are of great importance. CFD simulations will help us model airflow around wind turbines, waves, air conditioning in the buildings, heat pump,  etc. Therefore, we can save money, and engineers can develop their designs basedwind turbine on the simulation results.

We are expertise in CFD simulation of renewable and sustainable energy system especially in filed of extracting energy from, wind and solar radiation and also sea waves. We can use wind and solar energy Directly and indirectly. For example in building ventilation design, we can use wind velocity directly to improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort or to use this energy to generate electrical power by wind turbine and use this energy in electrical airconditioning systems. Using Solar energy is same. We can use solar radiation for heating of building directly or generate power by photovoltaic and use this energy in electrical heater in houses. We can simulate and design using renewable energy directly and indirectly. By precise CFD simulation and design of equipment in the field of renewable energy, we can reduce the total price of energy, and have a green world what we need these days.wind turbine

Since using renewable energy is entirely depends on climate and weather condition, before each design, each simulation, we must investigate the climate of location that we want to use this equipment if we’re going to use wind turbine we should the wind velocity during the year in the exact location. If we’re going to use solar air heater and solar water heater we must know detail sunny days and solar radiation magnitude during years. This step is related to feasibility analysis. By understanding the magnitude of renewable energy resource we can decide using this energy in contrast conventional energy like fossil fuel is cost-effective or not? And by using wich size of equipment we can satisfy energy requirmen for our application.

We use ANSYS Fluent Software package for modeling, meshing, and simulation services for Fluid Mechanics and Renewable energies for engineering studentswind turbine

Having several years of experience in the simulation of various CFD fields using Fluent software, Mr. CFD team is ready to offer services in Modeling, meshing, and simulation. You have the following software options to organize a project.
• Design Modeler, Gambit, and CATIA for modeling
• Gambit, ANSYS meshing, and ICEM for meshing
• Fluent for analysis
• CFD-Post and Fluent software to extract the results

Simulation services for Fluid Mechanics and Renewable energies for engineering students

  • Vertical axis Wind turbine (Savonius, Darrieus, Giromill,…)wind turbine
    • Horizontal axis wind turbine (single blade, two-blade, three-blade,…)
    • Solar water heater
    • Solar collector (parabolic, flat plate …)
    • Solar chimney
    • Tidal turbine

Solar air heater

Using wind velocity for cross and single side ventilation

Using wind velocity in wind catcher

Solar Energy

Today, due to the challenges of fossil fuel consumption such as increased air pollution, increased greenhouse gas emissions and limited resources, the world is using renewable energies such as solar energy, waves, hydrostatic, wind, and ground heating energy. Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most accessible sources of electricity, especially in areas with high annual solar radiation.

Solar Still & Desalination

More than 97 percent of the earth’s water is salty water, and with the increasing population, increasing agricultural consumption and increasing water and energy consumption in industry and agriculture, the world is rapidly developing solar still industry.

Generally, a set of processes that take place on the water to eliminate water-soluble salts and contaminants and microbes to produce pure and sweet water, is called desalination.

Desalination of water is done in different ways using different technologies so that the set of these methods can be divided into two general categories: thermal method and membrane method. Thermal desalination requires a heat source. The heat evaporates saline water and then vapor distillation. In the membrane method, the separation of water-soluble particles from the water vapor is carried out by special membranes or filters. Therefore, thermal desalination water is usually costlier, more fuel-consuming and has a high dimension at a power plant scale, but membrane desalination water is less costly and economical to scale. Small and residential units are being used in the membrane method.

One of the thermal methods of water desalination is the use of solar desalination units. In solar water desalination, solar energy is used as a heat source and as a factor in the evaporation process. In the operating mechanism of this type of desalination, solar energy causes surface evaporation of water, and the vapor generated collides with the cold surface of the glass and is converted to pure water by distillation.

solar still

Solar Collector

Solar-electrical heating systems are systems that use heat collectors to use the solar source to generate electricity through a thermodynamic cycle. In parabolic solar power plants, a parabolic linear collector is used to generate heat and increase the working fluid temperature. The collectors use a parabolic mirror-shaped plate that receives and reflects solar radiation on a given line, so that a central line of these parabolic plates, a working fluid pipeline passes and directly receives heat from the solar radiation and reflected heat from the parabolic plates, reaching its required temperature for use in the thermodynamic cycle.

solar collector

Solar Chimney

Today, due to the problems caused by fossil fuel consumption, such as increased air pollution, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and limited resources, the world is using new energy sources such as solar energy, waves, hydrostatics, wind energy, and ground heating. Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most available sources of electricity on earth, especially in areas with high annual radiation from the sun’s rays. One way to harness solar energy is to use solar chimneys. The basis of work in a solar chimney is the density difference due to the increase in temperature inside the solar panels, which acts as a driving force. In the building of a solar chimney, there is a transparent roof (usually made of glass) that can absorb the energy of solar radiation. The air flowing into the chimney heats up by receiving the heat from the roofs and rises due to the decrease in density due to the increase in temperature and as a result of lightning, and in fact, the flow of hot air sucks into the solar chimney. In general, these chimneys are divided into two categories. The first category is electrically generated chimneys that have an industrial scale; their function is to place one or more wind turbines in the direction of the upward movement of hot air, which receives the energy from the suction flow. Heat generates significant mechanical energy and then converts mechanical energy into electrical energy using a generator. The second category is ventilation and heating chimneys that are used on a residential scale; their function is to create a buoyancy force and suction of hot air upwards. Hot air absorbs from the lower part inside the building and exits the upper part of the chimney, which causes cooling inside the building, and also, if the upper part of the chimney is closed, the hot flow can be introduced into the building by installing a fan. This type is used for heating inside the building. Some residential solar chimneys are used vertically and attached to the wall of the building and receive the heat of solar energy from the plates used on the ground next to the building, and some other solar chimneys are sloping. It is located on the roof of the building and at the right angle to the direction of sunlight, it can receive its thermal energy. The following figure shows a schematic of a sloping roof solar chimney.

solar chimney



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